Going to vegas for 1 week - appropriately rolled. No advice needed.

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When I was in Vegas last month I kept up a private blog with some buddies, using a style that some AVPers will find familiar. They suggested I should post it here as my trip report, but at the time I didn't and instead I posted a regular trip report under the title "a week of poker and beers".

Now however I think that psand's blog has set the precedence. So here is my original report.

axb001 wrote:
to start off, i wont have to worry about becoming homeless if i go busto cause i'll keep paying my mortgage on my place in AV. and I have a job. anyway I wanted to have $700 but instead I'm only going to have $698 cause I bought a lottery ticket on wednesday which didn't win. i was livid, in gods eyes what that lottery machine did was worse than >
anyway just arrived in Vegas and I think this bankroll should be enough to see me through some 2-4 limit games though my friend no-rack says it probably wouldn't last one day. it should be fine as long as I keep off those machines - if I start playing lucky larry or seamonkeys before I know where I am I have lost a whole $3 or $4.
what i really want is someone to sit behind me and watch me while i play poker. that's normally no-rack after he has busted out, but he's not here this time. my friend M tells me where the best place to find someone might be but i'm not so sure i think M may have misunderstood the kind of person im after.
off to MC now as I have never been 86ed from there. or anywhere else for that matter.
any questions or advice welcome as long as it doesnt involve telling me to come home.

M wrote:
That's quality, stick it up on AVP! :-)

axb001 wrote:
am in room. played 2-4 limit in the MC last night hit a $60 high hand bonus for 4 of a kind nines but gave it back over the next 4 hours, walked out with $95 of my original $100 buy-in. didnt get 86ed. didnt witness crimes committed by members of any ethnic group.
played morning tournament in the excalibur, after 2 hours got to final table before busting out in 8th place. tournament only paid 5 places. very bad news, like a damn fool i went and played the machines. i need to stay off lucky larry and sea monkeys 100% as that has always been my downfall in the past. even so instead of going straight to my room i lost nearly $2 in half on hour on lucky larry. this is exactly what i didnt wanna do.
my roll is down to $671 would have been more like $673 if it wasnt for those machines. i wanna make sure i stay off them so badly, im offering a $1 bounty to anyone who catches me at a machine and comes up in person.
off to TI tonight, last time i went 6 weeks ago there was a drunken bachelor party who were terrible especially the one getting married.

OB wrote:
axb i've told you before man- stay away from those food halls they are bad news for you! Every time you get a good roll going you always go and blow it at the golden arches or the hut.
Stay strong- look out for the drunken inglish fools at the TI, I hear the place is crawling withy them! Those guys will definately boost your roll.
Hope you're coming home soon, maybe you should forget your comp nights at Encore and just get outta town?

axb001 wrote:
which OB from back home is that?
went to TI last night, no sign of the bachelor party crowd not even the one who doesnt need a rack. didnt see many good cards walked out $24 down after 4 hours play. never got to spin the wheel but one lady at the table was mad after she folded pocket aces because no-one told her about the promotion then every time someone new came to the table they got told the story which made the lady even madder.
today is easter day which is all about this guy who must have done something bad because he got 86ed from a temple and then got nailed to a tree, probably stealing money or something.
lost $20 in tournament this morning when i busted out after half and hour. my roll is now down to $627 , but im back in my room and ive stayed off the machines.
not sure where i will play tonight maybe MGM, MC or TI.

axb001 wrote:

axb001 wrote:
Is that the OB from back home who cries every week when his team gets beat again?
played the $20 buy-in tournament at the excalibur again this am, around 50 players, good news i won first place $458. met AlaskaGal on final table. wonder if she would like to sit behind me and watch me play.
bankroll over $1000. been studying lucky larry and if i choose the right machine i can win i just need to work out when the machine shuffles the reels.

OB wrote:
I'm crying right now with the thought of you winning that tournament. I guess all the other players were drunk?! Rich pickings to be had at the Excalibur.
Good roll you've got going, just promise me you won't blow it all at the Excalibur buffet.

axb001 wrote:
not posted for a couple of days because it was a bit windy so i assumed wifi would not work.
good news won over $3 on seamonkeys. down 15 at MC, won 15 back at flamingo. tried to play TI but they said I was too good for them and could only play if i bought my buddies with me to average things out. i think that was the reason but maybe it was because they did not have a table going.
played $20 9am at Excalibur last two mornings - busted out today but yesterday finished 3rd $123. if only i knew some needy women to post money to then i wouldn’t be up by now.

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  1. @axb001

    "And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change ..." axb001 went to Vegas, played poker, and wrote a great trip report!

    Now stay off the damn machines!!

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    just superb!

    post of the year nomination

  3. Now THAT was something funny.

    Excellent. I give you A+ Sir. You made my day.

    aces :grin:

  4. Epic. mysidesarehurtingfromlaughingsohard.

  5. This is an epic trip report!!!! Eye R <3's it. Nice hand sir, well played. Effin hilarious!!

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  7. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

    I think my next trip report will start:

    "Things are coming together smoothly. Friends decided to throw me a going away party. I think there must have been 100 people I knew there plus 100 more I didn't. Not only am I incredibly popular, I am also unbelievably good at poker. And I never ever ever play table games, not even if I'm in the MGM chasing losses I didn't have because I'm so unbelievably good at poker..."

  8. Great report sir!

  9. @axb001

    Lol... be sure and let everyone know what a good father you are too, and that you regularly CRUSH THE GAMES!! :smile:


  10. Loved the trip report.

    I feel so dirty. :wink:

  11. how come no one ever made me aware of the existence of this thread? it wouldve been nice to have seen it when it was posted a year ago or two. only when i went to search axb001s post to find out how he knows stuff he knows did i accidently come across this.