Great Time At Venecian, Bellagio & Wynn


My wife and spent eight days and seven nights at the Wyndham Grand Desert resort and it was five star for sure!! Our days and half our nights were spent playing NL hold-em (she plays $1-$2/$1-$3 NL and I play $2-$5/$5-$10 NL). The rest we spent seeing shows and generally having a good time.

I played at the Bellagio in the morning since it was just about the only place with decent NL games going before lunch. After lunch we played usually at the Venetian but we played at the Wynn the first and last day of our trip. The rooms were all great but we liked the Venetian the best. Overall I was up $6000 and my wife was up about $1500. We're counting the days until our next trip in July.

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  1. Wow $6,000. Nice win.

  2. can you post some specific hands?