"Hollywoo" and slow play" @ TI

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played tuesday aft at the V. 1/2 nl $300 buy in. won 'bout $21 and hour. i learned how to bluff,bluff well?,in that time. i played MY game which is play QUALITY HANDS not quantity of hands! i would raise with QUALITY in any position. at making $21 an hour no real exciting poker just my grind it out smart poker style. no hurry at all. lets have fun.
tuesday night @ TI the loosest 1/3 game i have ever ever seen. $20 per flop raises were common. i lost $205 and a player next to me dropped $800. i played quality but hit no flops. it happens. card dead is an EXCUSE!!! get over it you missed the flops so next hand.
as an aside i folded quad 6's earlier at the V. dealt 6,3o in third position. garbage hand right?sure is,folded that fast but in turn.lol flopped two 6's and a blank to make trips,turn a blank and of course river is a 6. i smiled but the most important lesson from this hand is FOLD 6,3o in third position!
wed aft to wed night @ TI: started catching my flops finally and won $400 by 7p,started at 3p. best hand: i had big slick in BB,kool, and raised $20 with a limper and SB calling. flop 10,Q,J rainbow, makes me a A high straight. i check limper bets $20 and SB folds with me calling. if the player has flopped trips thats kool,really. turn is a blank and the limper betting $25 this time,i call but do not call right away,some hollywood.lol river another blank and of course limper bets $50. i carefully assess the situation,no quads possible,no flush possible,we could split the pot if the limper has big slick also,trips for the limper is great for me. since i was "taking my sweet time","hollywood" i was asked by the dealer what i wanted to do. the dealer did do the right thing in this situation. so i called and the limper wanted to see my cards and i told the limper "i called you remember?". the limper turns over pocket Q's for trip Q's,nice hand 'cept i turn over my A,Ko and claim the $$$.
Yappy and AVPM i think you would have been proud of the way i played this trip. i am guessing i will never again be able to do "hollywood" and "slow play" but when the situation presented itself i capitalized. see ya'll in '08

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  1. Did you just call with the stone cold nuts with that straight? Why not raise, at least double the $50 bet thrown out on the river, you had the nuts?! Congrats on the play though....


  2. So not only did you fail to raise with the stone cold nuts as last to act, but you slow rolled (not slow play) your opponent and generally acted like a dDick.

    I have my doubts whether Yappave and LVM would be proud of that, but certainly you should be embarrassed,

  3. I thought the same thing but didn't want to come out and say it to downgrade the post. Why do that to another player like that? Maybe I'm just reading the post incorrectly, but that seems pretty classless....


  4. How much did you drink, and where can I get some? :wink:

  5. Wow. Reading this report made me dizzy. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse I read about how you played the nuts. First of all, why would you slow play a call? Second, why would you call? Third, and most important, why would you slow roll your opponent? Never mind LVM and Yappy, your grandmother would be ashamed of you.

  6. i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are a new player. so first off, if you are going to play your ace high straight slow on the flop and turn by not raising, (this would be slow playing. not to be confused with "slow rolling") on the river you have the stone cold nuts and you...should....raise. secondly, if you are in a hand and you figure your hand is the best hand, and especially if it is the nuts, and don't turn your hand over right away and force your opponent to turn theirs over first, that is "slow rolling" and considered to be bad etiquette.

    so if you are an inexperienced player, i hope my post isn't quite as harsh as some of the previous.

  7. I don't want to pile on, but calling someone down with the nuts and then forcing them to show you their hand is just poor etiquette.

    1. Why not raise at any point after the flop?

    2. Why slow down the game and make the dealer have to ask you what you want to do?

    3. Why slowroll your opponent on the river?

    I'm hoping that this was your first trip to a live card room.

  8. Santa Fe, I can't speak for LVM or Yappy Dave -- and am surprised neither has jumped in -- but you played this hand horribly, both strategically and etiquette wise -- unless your opponent was so short stacked that he was all-in on the river.

    Others have hit the etiquette part, so I'll hit the strategy part. Check-calling on the flop is fine as a slow play. But on the turn you're fully aware he may have a set -- "if the player has flopped trips [sic] thats kool [sic]...trips [sic] for the limper is great for me." -- yet you let him draw for free. You're fortunate a the board didn't pair on the river because then what are you going to do!?!

    On the river you have the nuts. If you've raised on the turn, you have to bet out here (unless the board pairs). Even letting him keep the lead, I think checking is a mistake. A good player will check behind here. But when he bets and you have the nuts, why would you just call? You cost yourself at least $50 on this hand while risking your stack and likely could have gotten his whole stack if you played it better.

  9. @AdRock

    Since I saw LVM at 3am and he had no intention of leaving anytime soon, I can safely assume I know why he hasn't jumped in since last nite :grin:

  10. @Santa Fe Rail

    @Santa Fe Rail

    The two funniest parts of this post.

  11. So before we scare this poor guy from never posting on here again, let's lay off the bashing of his play. Yes, he got lucky by the board not pairing. Personally, I would of raised on the turn and made him pay to see the river. Playing it to the river and juct calling....I'm positive this guy thought he was good, so pushing all-in might have been called there. Never the less, nice hand. I know you will play it differently next time after reading all of these posts and if the board pairs.

  12. santa fe's a nice guy, and I'm positive he did not mean to be a dick in this situation.

    Should he have raised and got more money in the pot at some point? Yeah, sure.

    Should he have showed his "nuts" and just taken it down, of course.

    However, he wanted to see the other guys hand because he just called down. It was his right as the "caller" to see it.

    As said previously, I'm positive he was not trying to be a dick and slow roll on purpose.

    NH Santa Fe, and sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up and play with you again.

    However, you chose to come into town on my B-day week and my parents were visiting and I get very very little time to play when they are around.

    Next time though!

  13. Sante Fe is one of the legends when it comes to non-locals at TI. We always get a kick out of him. As for the nut hand, why not raise on the river, you might get called!

    As for the slow-rolling. Yappy gives it two big thumbs down. Then again, I've never called with the nuts, so I'm not sure what I'd do in that situation. Nonetheless, the bettor asking to see Santa Fe's hand first after he bet on every street isn't that great either.

  14. nice tr, thanks for posting..