I lost my PANTS in Vegas


First knight March 23 played TI 7p-1a. Memorable hands were when a player like in 3rd position goes ALL IN for $42 and it is folded to me in BB and i have pocket 9's. i did not think this player was on tilt and i have watched the table for about 2 hours and i did not think he had a monster. So i called and i was right he had pocket 10's so 1 card for either of us and he or i won and i did not consider his pocket 10's vs my pocket 9's a sad place for me. then 5 blanks later he takes the pot and we play on. i considered my call/read correct. My MONSTER LOSS of the trip. About 1a and no EXCUSES offered by me as i am in BB with the BB special,cowboys. i have 1 limper to my right and i have about $280 in chips. For a $200 start and only $80 gain in 6 hours not impressive i know. So i raise to $100,limper calls and we go to the flop. 5 blanks rainbow style but no trips for me. limper checks and i push as i did not read a strong hand or a killer position by the limper. So i have committed to the pots all i have but so did the limper. Limper turns over A,Qh vs my cowboys. Ok kool i do think i made the correct read right? as he MUST hit runner runner for a flush. Turn a blank so i more confident? the final card will only give him 4 hearts. River card time and i am already mentally counting MY winnings when an A hits. Oh oh oh oh and my $280 is gone. WTF i know it is part of the game but i am in total disbelief and set there for about 5 minutes trying to figure what i did wrong. The $280 is still gone but where was i wrong? I have just never been rivered that badly. I still think he was fishin for the royal,royal flush and i do think i read him correctly maybe i should not have pushed until after the turn but with no flush,straight but maybe trips i think was the right call.
Tuesday Morning at Harrahs with AVP Mike at my table,kool beans. First hand after i was seated was pocket ladies and a Q on the flop. i did "slow play" it well enough to take the opening pot. Hours later i am UTG and i find pocket rockets!!! my position is sad at best so i smile wildly and push all in. 2 players laugh at my move cause all in with a $3 pot "what is wrong with this guy",me. Mike gets a laugh and fakes like he will go with me. Go for it but he knew what i had and was correct. After the 3 players fold i show 1 rocket but i looked at Mike and I said he was right I did have pocket rockets but with my position what was I to do? 1 player folded pocket 7's and another pocket duces. i could NOT let a flop come with my cards and position. Defensive poker at its best? I cannot sell a bluff but Mile knew I was not trying too. Later Mike's pocket cowboys turned into quads and a HHJ,nice one Mike. After 4 hours i was -$49.
Tuesday night March 24 Ballys:
one hand a player finished with quad 6's. pocket pair do sometimes hit. i totally misread my hole cards 1 hand as my 10,K was actually 10,J and i bet like $40 after a K hit on the river. my bad!!!
Wednesday morning March 25:
Harrahs Breakfast Club. they do NOT like to be called locals! 1 player rivered quads and i lost $100 in 4 hours. It was 6/7 locals and maybe 2/3 tourist's.
Wednesday knight Craps at CR: many numbers were hit but few points and i dropped $83 in 3 hours.
i did go to Nosh in Ballys for 1 meal/day as i do like their food.
Thursday morning at Harrahs Breakfast Club again to get my 10% promo. Played 8a-11a and then checked out of IP and moved to MGM. At MGM meet Alaska Gal. Super person and talented player. Only highlight was I flopped A high flush and slow played it,with help from "hollywood",oh do i call this, what should i do,lol. Yes it was fun and it was against a "calling station" too. Again another losing session,-$120 in 5 hours but the people i met, lessons learned were worth it.
Overall: i guess if you give room for free the players will come and gamble as the tables were full and poker room did good business it looked like. Looking forward to April 12-17 '09!!!!!

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  1. Nice report.

    Did I read correct that you raised to ~$100 on two occasions in a 1/3 or 1/2 game with AA/KK?

  2. Yea am i reading this right also when you say you raised 100 with KK's

  3. I think you might have won more if you played those Aces a little different. IMHO

    What I also find amazing is you got action when you popped it to a 100 preflop when you had the Kings. :scream: