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I will borrow from Grind House’s earlier post and give my report thematically rather than chronologically. Good idea GH.
This is an annual guys’ trip I have been taking since the early-mid nineties when we were still in college. Back then it was all about watching basketball all day and gambling all night. The only difference between now and then is that my parlay bets have increased (almost commensurately with my waistline, by the way). This year was more special than others due to the fact that our buddy Jeff was joining us for the first time in 6-7 years (in celebration of his 40th). We arrived on Wed. 3.19 and left on Sat. 3.22.
THE HOTEL (Bill’s Gambling Hall & Casino):
I had never stayed at Bill’s so I thought it would be worth the try (especially considering its days may be numbered). Very easy check-in and it’s nice to stay at a Vegas hotel with so few rooms, short walk to the elevator and no getting lost to and from your room. The room was ok, but odd-shaped, small, and it kind of narrows down towards the window. They say they are recently refurbished. It seemed to me that everything was newly redone (wallpaper, TV, sheets, furniture), but it was if all the stuff was bought new in 1967 and had been wrapped in plastic until just recently. Overall, a decent option for a guy’s trip (especially the 42 inch plasma) and of course the location is as good as it gets IMO.
Mostly cheap and quick (O’Shea’s food court and Chipotle) except for Friday night when we went to Boa (steakhouse inside Forum shops). Very good petite filet and glass of Cabernet. With cocktail, sides and salad the bill came to $110 per man. Service was fine and the room is very well designed. My only complaint was the layout of the room we were seated in…tables were too close together and the waiters were forced to squeeze between tables too often. If ever go back, I will ask for a table near the back or on the patio. Solid dinner.
Sportsbook: this is my favorite time of year to be in LV, so we spent all day watching games and betting every way to Sunday (straight bets, parlays, halftimes, totals, etc…). Thursday was tough on me as the favorites went 13-3 and I love the ‘dogs. Friday I got my sea legs back and started out 7-0, finishing 12-3 on the day. That helped offset the losses at…
I didn’t play as much as I would have expected, but managed to squeeze in some time. The boys and I played in two small midnight tournaments at O’Shea’s (wed. and Fri). I would have preferred to hit TI or PH, but the guys I was with are not as into poker as I so I agreed to play in this place. It wasn’t horrible, but it is hard to defeat a field of forty when 33 of them are obliteratedly drunk. One guy was especially annoying and for the first time I saw myself playing cards with the sole intent of beating him. Of course he called everything, hit ridiculous flops and turns and built a good stack while screaming for “more Guinness!” I didn’t knock him out myself, but it was nice to see his stack destroyed just out of the money. I was knocked out myself when—shortstacked—my AQ was killed by QQ. Oh well. No cashes, but they weren’t huge investments and I enjoyed myself overall.
On Thursday night we switched things up and played 3-6 limit at Caesars. It was my first time playing in the room and I liked it very much. The dealers and management were very friendly and helpful. I have played limit before and have done a fair job of eeking out small wins or losing the minimum, but this time I got a firsthand lesson in No foldem poker. It didn’t matter which method I tried, I lost. If I played strong hands preflop I was beat by the turn…if I played garbage to try to catch something I was halted by scary flops. When I did go to showdown, my two pairs were beat by bigger two pairs or rivered flushes. It was one long, three hour session of getting 2nd best hands and running into the best of it. Bad session.
Besides poker and sportsbook I played Pai Gow poker and managed to keep my head above water there. As long as I’m drinking, I’m happy at that game.
That’s it I guess. Next trip will be in June (20-22) when I bring 36 people to the Flamingo for my 6th annual Vegas Bus Trip. Should be a good time.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all posters for their help, advice and suggestions. I really enjoy the site. Good luck to you all.

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  1. glad u enjoyed BOA steakhouse

    it is one of my favs

  2. I like your style of reporting, thanks for doing it. I cant wait for my trip in July to play against all the drunks again.

    I am also staying at Bill's, so I have a question. Why do you think the days may be numbered? Just curious as if I may have a problem down the road. Thanks again.

  3. The hotel is owned by Harrah's, but their player's card is not associated with the rest of the Harrah's properties. Something about that seems fishy. The hotel is in a prime location so it is certainly viable I just wonder if there are plans to expand the Flamingo or some other idea. have no proof for this whatsoever...just a gut feeling I think others on this site have expressed. Have a great time.

  4. The IP and Bill's are both slated to be demolished, but not for a couple of years. I think the fact that Harrah's got bought delayed it. It is a matter of when, not if.

  5. The Bill's players card is scheduled to link to the Total Rewards card in the near future. As far as implosion to Bill's, it isn't going to occur until the new arena is completed.