March Madness in low limit poker

Reports & Blogs by Tigerpiper about Caesars Palace, MGM Grand Posted

I have not played live very much before this trip (two short sessions at a riverboat).

I played 3-6 at Harrahs, MGM Grand and Caesar's and 2-6 spread at the Excalibur over three days on the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. I found the play to be extremely easy (especially compared to online). Usually, at least 4 people at each table were wasted, and would play nearly any two cards.

So all you had to do was wait for a good hand, and bet it like crazy. I lost a couple of those (j7o called 2 raises pre flop, then boated up on the flop), but generally got paid by callers with mid pairs, etc.

Lots and lots of calling stations. I think next time I will play from midnight until 4 a.m. each night with plans to pay for my steak the coming evening. Competition was so loose/passive at night I could not believe it.

I did play the $130 6 p.m. tournament at MGM and found it quite tough. You could not wait for hands even with 40 minute levels.

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