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the worst part of the QUAD As was i had pocket ladies to a A,A,A flop. the person against me was out of position playing A garbage but she won,vgh.
there were quite a few locals i saw again,mayb i am going too often? i ran into quads @ ballys and the player,a local i think, played me very well done sir. the big win came @ the mirage sunday more as i am dealt cowboys and raise to $10 per flop,yes i play trapping? poker. i am in BB with 10 runners. so 4 call my $10 per flop raise and flop is 10,5,7 with 2 clubs.i bet $20 and i get 2 to fold and 2 still with me. turn card is a,wait for it,K YES!!!!
but i only bet $20 again. i player raises me and the nest player calls and i push all in baby. both players also go all in so i di have a concern some one is chasing?? river a blank and player 1 turns over 5,7 for 2 pair,k,player 2 mucks,i am clueless why he is even in the hand so i am "hollywood" the moment,crying complaining ect until the dealer tells me to show. oh yea i have cowboys SWEET!!!! i tipped the dealer $10 for not throwing another club and it takes a while and 2 racks to pocket all my winnings. but i did lose $55 playing craps @ CR.

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  1. Sounds like a slow roll??

  2. @TI Poker

    Totally a slow roll - one of the worst things that you can do in a poker room.

    This guy slow rolls and then brags about it....

    I think that you are lucky that you did not get punched in the face for slow rolling a $700+ pot

  3. slow rollers make me sad. :disappointed:

  4. @snoop

    pretty sure he has posted this crap before.

  5. OP did the same thing before. Last time was, if I recall correctly, at Bally's over a year ago.

    Having met OP at the AVP meet, he seems like a decent enough person on the felt. Not sure why he would want to slowroll like this, and then brag about it.

  6. so where r we 2 knight? ya'll aient happy with the way i play,no problemo. it was a slow roll executed perfectly. and u r mad @ me? it worked and yes i have been beaten using this play so i have seen both sides and understand failure for this action. i took advantage of an opportunity. and that is wrong? i seriously believe most of u would have done the same thing. u wont admit to it here or anywhere but the play was legal. mayb not smart in your opinions but we agree to disagree and we move forward. sry get over it i was +$7XX for the hand. end of story c ya. :grin:

  7. what would be fuuny is the dealer saying "sorry sir your hand is mucked for slow rolling" and pushing the pot to the other player.....

  8. Mr. Rail, I don't believe anyone is offended by your slowplay, but by your slow roll, meaning you took too long to show your hand when the betting was complete. The result does not change, but you are boasting of something most people find disgusting.

  9. Slow play to build big pot — Good
    Slow roll — Bad
    Brag about it — Totally uncalled for and I would hope every other player at the table went after you

  10. Let's just call a spade a spade -- you're a fucking prick, pure and simple.