NL Holdem at CAESARS (and other casinos)


Started out at Ceasars on Sunday night playing in a 1-2 NL cash game. The action was pretty wild and I couldn't really get any traction. I was still about even after about 2 hours and decided to sign up for an $80 sit and go. (One thing, Ceasars claims to only seat nine at a table but when they called someone to my table by mistake...they let him stay. I also saw another 10 handed table on Tuesday.)

The sit and go's are decent and any competent player should do well in them. Of course I busted out 4th, but it was my own fault. I made a stupid mistake (stupid stupid stupid). I had an over pair to the board after the flop (with about $180 in the pot)and someone bet all into me (for the reminder of my 1,500) with a straight flush draw. I sort of put him on it, and before thinking I called him. I didn't stop to think how small my lead was. Sure enough he went flying by. Nevertheless the game was pretty soft.

Then came Monday and the famed (by All Vegas Poker) Ceasars 12pm tournament. It is not over-rated! This is the best brick and morter tournament I've ever played in. I came in second (with some good play and little luck late in the game), but even if I'd busted early--I would still advise everyone to make this thier first Las Vegas stop. Other reports have mentioned final table chops at Ceasars but that wasn't even discussed at our final table. We
even went heads up at 6-12K blinds for 30+ minutes. Awsome fun and a $1,500 payday. The players are a mix but they have lots of locals and decent tourist players. Another thing, there were two sets of spouses and they were seated together at thier original tables. I didn't ask how/why, and it could be accidental. But at my table they (the couple) didn't have a single post-flop bet against each other.

A couple things to note about the room. I loved the quiet and the decor. The waitresses were awsome--with frequent/fast service. The dealers were a mixed bag from outstanding to average. There was confusion at our table about whether a player (not in the hand) had the right to see both players whole cards on the river (if it were checked all the way). This may vary from casino to casino, but they should definitely know either way. I also found the daytime desk staff to be genius, while the evening staff seemed to be hanging out over by the cage with each other and ignoring the players who were waiting to be seated or join the wait list. My advice? Just walk over and point out (politely) that you're waiting. Seriosly, if you wait for them to notice you on thier own, you might as well bring a hammock.

Monday night, after a killer dinner at Nobu, I played at the Bellagio. No doyle, no super- fantasticness of any kind. It was alright. Waited forever to be seated at the only 2-5 NL table. Everything from the waitresses to the room was slightly above average...but not very welcoming. I played for about 3 hours before heading out with a mere $70 profit.

Next I headed over to the Venetian for a late night session and waited a while to be seated. The room was beautiful and everything seemed really well thought out. Super comfey chairs and nice wait staff, but I didn't stay long because 3 of the guys at my table had stacks in the 2-3k region. I split down about $100.

Tuesday morning (this morning) I headed back to Ceasars at around 9am. I was sat pretty quickly at a 1-2 cash game and bought in for the $500 max. The majority of players had been there all night and were...well...weary. Anyway I sat down to a string a cards like you wouldn't believe. Nothing but suited face cards and pockets pairs 7-9-Q-Aces(twice). It was like a dream. I picked up some great pots, but then everyone started pushing back...only I still had the cards. So in about an hour I was up $400. After that most of the players called my pre-flop raises but couldn't stand the big post-flop raise. I left at about 1pm to catch my flight home and I was up to over 1,200.

At all my (this time and previous) Vegas poker tables there have been 1 or 2 really good locals and/or semi-pros. But if you can spot them and stay out of thier way, there is lots more
cash to be picked up.

I'm heading back in November for a 4 day trip and plan to try the Venetian again as well as MGM and the Mirage. But of course I will play the 12pm Caesars tournament again!

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