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I flew out on 1/18 for a three night stay at the Wynn on the poker rate. I think this is an amazing deal. I stayed with nickpoker and another non-player, so the two of us had to play 3 hours a day, each, which is insanely easy to do.

I have stayed in Vegas with these two several times. They both have much more action than me, but both had said they were getting killed in sports at home, so action might be down.

My flight arrived at 8:30 a.m. and I cabbed it to the Venetian to register for the noon tournament. Registration doesn't open until 10. But the desk said it does not sell out (which I think might be a little inaccurate) so I didn't worry about getting back right at 10.

I walked over to the Wynn which is now much easier that the Palazzo is open. I checked in and did not try the $20 trick. They put me in 730, which I think has a pretty direct view of the "european" bathing pool. No one was out there because it was 30 degrees.

I went down to the poker room and was seated immediately at 1-3. A notable thing about the Wynn is that there are no max buyins. At this table, there were two $1000+ stacks, and another cowboy bought in for $1000 while I was there (for two hours). One big stack was very aggressive but was on my right. The cowboy was loose and was waiting for 2-5 and was on my immediate right. No big hands and I finished up $40. I did not think the table was tough at all, though, and bettors stacked off on top pair (I wish I could see that flaw in my self).

At about 10:45 I walked back to the Venetian and bought in to the tournament.

I had not eaten, so I went upstairs to the Mexican restaurant (right on the canal. Forgot the name). I had the slow cooked pork in a banana leaf and it was truly excellent. Served with beans and cilantro rice.

As I sat down at the Mexican place, I kicked myself because I could have had lunch at Bouchon where I'd had two amazing breakfasts before. But it turned out ok.

The tournament was great (results aside). The room is spectacular. Very comfortable, open, and high class. Better than the Wynn, I have to say.

The structure is better than any tourney I've ever played. (Although the only B and M tourney I've played are local casino smaller buy in ones, and one for $150 at Caesar's last year). There is lots of play for the first two hours, with deep stacks. Great time.

My table had two aggressive, good players (one two my immediate left and one four to my left). One rock as tight as I have ever seen (raised two hands in 3 hours, both aa). Two really bad calling stations, and 3 normal players, plus me.

I was aggressive early, and chipped up two thousand, maybe ($7500 starting stacks). Showed down a goofy two pair out of the bb to one of the calling stations early.

First notable hand I had a10s in the cutoff. Blinds at 100-200. MP raises to 600. He had not been active. I call, and the button calls. Flop come 10 high rainbow. MP bets $500 I think. I raise to $1500, button folds, MP calls. Turn is a low card. Check, I bet $2000. He calls.

River doesn't help me, check, check. He shows QQ. I'm sure I butchered this. No reason to risk so much with a10, or tptk on the later streets.

That cuts my stack in half, basically.

Nothing much happens until level 5. I had gotten back to even about, but my m was about 6. I was in the cutoff again with aks. Early raise to me. He has $4500 total or so, and I have $6000. I raise to $4500. He says all in, and I think I said call, and turn my cards over. The floor is called because he actually had a couple hundred more than $4500. Again, my error. But the floor says I called, so he shows 44 and I lose the race.

Two hands later I shove my remaining $1200 with a2o. Same guy calls and shows 22 and knocks me out.

I was not happy with my play at all. The QQ hand was just stupid touristy loose I think.

Just about then nickpoker gets in and I meet him at the Wynn.

We play 1-3 at different tables for a couple of hours, and he makes $800+ and double up on this hand.

I have kk black in the bb. One raiser to $15. I raise to $45. He calls. Flop come 766 black. I bet $50, he shoves for just about $300 more. What do you do?

I call and he shows ako. No ace comes.

We go to Capital Grille across the street and I have a NY strip on the bone which is really good. I was too full though and couldn't eat 1/2 of it. That always happens to me out there.

Went back to the Wynn and I played drunken 4-8. I got ako my first three hands. Lost to a set the first time, then won the next two with top pair on the flop each time. Nice. Before the third had guy says "If you get ak this hand, I'm leaving." So I showed it and said he had to leave, but he did not. Down $20 or so in a couple of hours. I played 4-8 because I was drinking.

The next morning I wake up at 5 a.m. and head down to the poker room. I wake up early because I have kids at home. I had great luck with this last trip killing the late night drunks. This time was not so successful.

In the first rotation I have aks in the bb. Two or three limpers to me, and I raise to $18. MP limper (who had just gotton called for 2-5) shoves for $200, folded to me. I have $275 or so.

Again, what do you do? I called. He showed a4o and a 4 comes on the turn. That made me mad. I rebuy

I was sitting next (to my left)to this obnoxious guy (OG)with a whistle (he had been warned about blowing the whistle and was still totally obnoxious).

Limped pot I have k10o in the sb. I call. OG calls with 4-5 others. Flop comes q104 with two clubs. I do not have a club. I check, then someone bets $15. I call, he calls. Turn brings the 10c. I bet $45. He shoves for $70 more. Folds to me.

I was stupid and called. He shows 73c for the flush. I river a k for the boat though.I should do the math there, as I had 10 outs.

The obnoxious guy was jawing with an ipod guy. OG called clock on Ipod guy in another hand that OG was not even in and Ipod guy appeared steamed.

An hour passes and they jaw and jaw at each other. OG gets warned for profanity. All in all, very tense.

I get ajs in the cutoff and raise to $15. Ipod guy calls from the BB and one other caller. I have about $250. Ipod guy is shorstacked at $150 or so.

Flop misses me, 447 but I continue for $30. Ipod guy calls, and the other player folds.

Turn is something else. Check check. River is an ace. He checks. I bet $40 and he shoves for $100 total. I call and he shows 77 for a flopped boat. The he jumps up and starts shouting "Donkey!" All in all very uncomfortable tank tapping but whatever. I left a hand or two later down $400. That was a bad hand which again I think I butchered.

I played 1-2 at the Venetian a couple of times that day but no hands of significance. While each 1-3 table at the Wynn I played at had at least one player I thought was good, I did not think that at the Venetian. I thought the 1-2 tables were very soft, but then again, no one could buy in for $1000 there ($300 max). nickpoker thought otherwise- he thought the Wynn was just as soft and I think was up $1500 there for the trip in very limited play.

Our third guy got in then and we watched and bet on basketball all day. I was 3 for three up $170 or so in sports, but my two friends got killed. We went to Craftsteak for dinner which was great. I had the scallops which were really good. nickpoker said his strip was the best he ever had. They serve the steaks in this containers which would make it really easy to share, FYI. I treated because they were getting killed. I ordered the scallops because I did not think I could finish a steak and didn't know the way they served there was very conducive to sharing.

My other friend went to bed and nickpoker and I went to the bar next to the sportsbook at the Wynn to get free drinks playing video poker. The high class Wynn did not have 25 cent machines there, so I put in $100. Then, instead of bet one, I hit bet max by mistake. Luckily I won. I cashed out later for $147. We drank there for an hour. The draft Sam Adams were free (but normally are only $5 which I think is a deal). I had three, then ordered a Hennessy. I don't know why, but I tasted it and did not drink it. I think the bartender then kicked us out (in a nice way). He said "3 drinks in an hour." I said, knowing I'd had 4, but it had been at least an hour and a half, "how long until I can have another?" and he said "15 minutes".

My final poker was the next morning at 5 again.
We were shorthanded. I was sitting next to Terry (?) who I'd played with a year ago at the Wynn. She says she is a stripper at the Rhino which was believable, maybe. Nice person on my right. Other big stack right to her right (BS). The other players were bad, and got stacked, just not by me. One notable hand I was not in, 3 way pot with Terry in EP. I think she'd raised to 12 preflop. Flop comes 10 high. She over bets $70, and both shortstacks call. She shows 1010 for top set. Her over bet was clearly calculated.

I was down to $250 or so 4 handed. I get aa in the bb. BS calls, Terry completes and I raise to $15. BS calls. Flop comes q94 rainbow. I bet $35, he calls. Turn is a blank, I bet $75, he calls. River is a K, I shove, and he calls with j10o. Probably butchered that too. I leave down $300.

I then got comped by the poker room at the coffee place, and the three of us had breakfast there (although I would have rather walked to Bouchon). There was a line, and the desk asked if we wanted to sit outside. It was 35 degrees and people were sitting outside. No thanks.

Then we watched football at the Wynn all day and drank many Sam Adams. Many. I was wasted, but didn't bet very much. One note about drink tickets at the Wynn. They give one ticket per $100 bet on sports, but one ticket per $10 bet on horses. So although my friends were betting lots on sports, and getting killed, I just kept betting $12 box quinellas and other bets. I would tip a buck and get two drink tickets at a time. I think I still have 4 tickets in my pocket.

I bet a 1-9 favorite to show, and it came in fourth. How does that happen?

We went to Maginanos across the street but I was too wasted to eat so I didn't feel so bad about missing a good meal.

My flight left the next morning at 6.

Summary- Venetian tournament is great if you like tournaments. Wynn 1-3 is tougher than Venetian 1-2. Bet $10 on horses at Wynn, and tip, to get all the drink tickets you want. I played very poorly and need to work on my game. Good food though. The Wynn poker staff is really nice.

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  1. Thanks for the report. A couple questions. How much was your poker rate at the Wynn? Why would anyone think about the $20 trick at the Wynn? Aren't all the rooms pretty much superb?

  2. $139 S-R, $199 Friday and Saturday. It is a sweet deal, and I could be wrong, but they are not sticklers on the time (6 hours/day) at all.

    Both times I've stayed there, I checked in early and was in a lower floor room with no view. It was superb except for the view.

    I guess, if I was with my wife, I might try the trick to get a better view. I didn't care for trips with the buddies, though.

  3. Those are excellent rates. I might have to try that. I'd prefer the Venetian though. I'll have to see if they have poker room rates and if so, what they are.