Poker week 4/16-4/20

Reports & Blogs by penfold914 about Red Rock Casino Posted

My wife and I stayed at the Stratosphere. Played the 9:00am tournament on Monday and Tuesday. Made the final table Monday. Tuesday got knocked out by a couple of bad beats and superior skill. Lots of local retirees who really know what they are doing. The room is kinda small, but decent enough. Big plasma screen on one wall denoting current blinds and how soon they change.

Tuesday night, we went to Luxor. I played the 2-4 cash game and cleaned up. Here fishy, fishy, fishy... There were four Australians who were bleeding money. I got my share. Poker room here is nice. Copies of Card Player available for free to players. Competent dealers who made no serious mistakes.

Wednesday, we went to the new Red Rock. Incredible facility. Even bumped into T.J. Cloutier as he was leaving! Was too stunned to even offer a handshake. Beautiful place with expert dealers. Competition much better here and I lost a bit. This poker room is HUGE. Over twenty tables, each spaced nicely apart. The entire casino is fabulous and the poker room appears to be the jewel in the crown.

Wednesday night went back to Luxor and, as expected, recouped my losses and then some. No Aussies, but still plenty of fish.

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