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Hi, all. I had couple of days off so decided to go to vegas. I flew out of Sacramento and stayed at the Orleans Casino for 2 nights April 29/30.
I want to start playing other games so was planning on playing a lot of O/8 and PLO.

Day 1- Orleans 4-8 O/8- they had 3 games going and got a seat fast. Orleans has a diverse crowd of players but my table I was the youngest player (I'm 53 yrs old). I played 4 hours with the "old timers" and lost $45 calling down with 2nd best hands.
Drove to the Rio but all they had was 1-3 NL, typical younger crowd splashing chips around. The game was more entertaining and played for 3 hours. No big hands and lost $84.

Day 2- Orleans 4-8 O/8- they had 3 games again and got a seat after 10 min. wait. When I sat down 1996 WSOP main event champ Huck Seed was in the 5 seat. He had a running conversation with a man seated behind him. I wanted to ask why he was here but never got the chance as he got moved to the main game. He got up with 2 racks ($200). I played the noon O/8 tourny with 57 players and cashed 5th place (+170) after 6 hours of play. I learned from my previous O/8 sessions and only played hands with 2 way draws. I plan on playing WSOP event 8 ($1500 O/8).

GL, all. Michael

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  1. Thanks for the TR and welcome to AVP!

  2. Nice brief report. Getting a few free lessons on O 8 from a world champion was a bonus. GL with event 8. I hope to see a report about the experience.