SB 47 part 2

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Sorry for the delay. I had written this part 2 once and when I went to submit I got a pop-up to sign in and POOF it was gone.. Damn!

After spending some time in my room taking all the information for my friends prop bets it was time to go for another session. I buy in for $200 at 1-2 game on the same table I was at earlier except all the faces have changed. This game is loose. 15-17 dollar pre-flop is called in at least 4 spots. That was really killing my premium KK and AA that were met with boards of 4 flushes and 4 to the straight that came no were near my cards.. I continued to pound Bud Lights in hopes that the tide would turn. My stack continued to dwindle and got down to $50. I have been playing for several hours now and am well into the 15 or 16 beer for the day mark. I pick up QQ and raise called 3 spots. I flop a set and put the rest in called in 2 spots and fill up on the river. I have had it. I cut my losses and decide to go do some sight seeing in the casino. The jet lag and intoxication is starting to get to me and I want to get up early to place my bets and make my SB decisions.

Up at a little before 5am local time, and truly I don't feel too awful bad. I finish the morning routine and gather up the paperwork and head for the elevator. I make it 2 doors and something catches my eye..

Yep that is a Bio-Hazard bag. Hookers and Blow party and I slept through it like a princess. Get to the end of the hall and a suite door opens and 2 very fine looking working ladies address me with a good morning. I give a good morning back. They ask if I was up for a morning party.... I politely decline and ask how the party they left was and one answers.. tapped out... I hold the elevator door and down we go. While on the elevator I had a thought of snapping a picture with these two lovely ladies.. Then the 42 year old married Dad in me took over the wanna be 20 something again that had taken over. Casino level and see ya ladies. Time for a bite to eat and coffee.

I make it to the sportsbook window to place my bets. I have 6 $50 dollar bets for 1 and a total of $1k bets for the other. I have decided that included in my bets I'm taking the Pens -1.5 and over 5.5. The game is the national game so I can watch it and they are my favorite team. I place the bets and back to room to deposit my friends tickets in their seperate envelopes back in the safe back to play the 9am tourney.

Tourney is $50 and 4k chips. At one point there was 3 tables running. I didn't get any big bumps but maintained a steady climb up. Only one maniac at my table that I managed to stay clear of. I have a perfect seat and the hockey game was put on the TV in front of me. I saw several re-buys and play was brutal. Callers with gut shots that get there runner runner flushes.. I keep the faith and jsut keep ABC and steal when I can. We get down to 15 or 16 players left and player takes seat to my left. he has a little less chips that me. His chips are everywhere barely stacked and mixed up.. Man do I hate a dirty stack.. We are probably in the middle of the pack in chip stacks remaining. I get K-9 suited and make a raise and several callers including dirty stack. Flop comes out K-5-6 rainbow. Now along with inability to stack chips he is slow and stands to look at the board and look at his hand 5 times. Don't know if he needs a reset on his hard drive but man its getting to me. I bet 1/2 the pot *pause**** find the chips**** call.. Now just us. Turn is another 5... check check real fast...OK.... River 8. no flushes. I think and bet out half of the pot again ..... pause**** stand*** look*** chips**** call... I table my K-9 and its Stand*** look his cards*** look at my cards then flips over his K-10......... Now at this time the North Korean Nuke test was a ladyfinger firecracker compared the the splitting of atoms that just went off in my head... You pip me and F'n slow roll me... I don't believe in berating players or admonishing but this just stroked me the wrong way.. I knew that this guy was losing all his chips ( most of which previously were in my possession.) Grind away and we are down to the FT bubble. I have a short stack and get A-8.. I push it in and called by guy on my left. Its all in and call table my hand and after standing and looking at my hand he tables A-9... We all know where this is going.. If you chose chop..please choose again.. all low board that his 10 played... Busto 11th. I moved over and watched the rest of the hockey game and my chips get spread to the others at the table. He was gone soon into the FT. no more pip and slow roll. Good news is that the Pens win 6-3 and I have a winning ticket!

The line to bet at the sports book has grown super long.

I have mad a decision to play 2-6 spread limit during the game. I am going to be watching the game and drinking plenty I figure limit could be less stressful and not take full concentration. I could not have asked for a better table and what a great decision. There is a great mix of regulars and regulars to MC for SB at this table. Xiao is on my right a very nice lady and my left is a gent from SC that plays with his friends every year in the MC for SB one of which is in seat 1 Im in 4.. I buy in for $100 and its off.. I am not losing or getting much more than +30 or 40.. I'm drinking like a fish and having a good old time. During the game the lady on my right won one of the drawings after a tD for $100. The game never really changes and is playing close to a 3-6 game. We know that the SB ended up being a great game. After the SB ended the game kept right on rolling. I had been in a few pots with a nice platnium haired lady sitting in 6. I get 10-4 and call just because I drinking its not been raised so lets see it.. flop is 10-Q-2 now at the same time I'm talking with SC guy about things that I did when I lived in SC years ago. In my mind I know I have a 10.. turn is a 5 of 6 bets I'm second and last caller. river is another Heart she bets and I call and say I have a 10, but then look at my cards and see I made a flush..... OOOPS! I begin apologizing and table my cards and refund her last 2 bets out of the pot, plus a couple. She appreciates it and thanks me. It getting close to time to hit the rack except I need some food. Jump over to the food court and up to the room.

Next morning is souvenir and check out. I have to collect all the bets.. $300 dollar bet guy wins 443 $1k guy wins 1244.. I get lucky to break even on sports bets.
I must say that I continue to give Susan and Jim and Jenny big props for running a fun room. I know the games are at the Aria that is a quick walked down the hall but man its so relaxed at the MC it's gonna be hard to drag me out. Maybe I can get to an AVP tourney weekend and finally meet some people I've been reading for years on here.


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  1. Great reports, thanks for sharing!

  2. No reason to leave the spot that you love. I say you stick with the MC. Great read!