SB 47 weekend part 1

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3rd year in a row to the Monte Carlo for Super Bowl weekend. Before I start the report I want to thank Alaskagal for trying her best to help me with the prop bet sheets before I arrived. Flight from Pittsburgh to Vegas was the smoothest nearly 5 hour flight ever. Thank you Southwest. Carry on only so to the cab line. walking straight to the cab. The man directing passengers sends the group of 4 women in front of me to the second cab and me to the first. Women driver is now screaming she was f'd. Oh great ride to come. I tell her do not take interstate. She goes ballistic.. She got screwed and now gets a passenger that doesn't want tunnel. Doesn't it say on your license no long hauling on your license. $12.40 ride to the MC and I really wanted to stiff this chick but didn't want to upset the Karma. $15 and walked inside. Check in was quick and room was available. Typical room with king bed. Nothing special.

This is the first year that a large group of us are not having a Super Bowl party in Vegas. The rest of the group went to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. 2 of the group have given me money to place prop bets for them. So off to the sportsbook to get sheets take pictures and send. While taking the pictures I burn through $40 on a 4 card Keno machine that has been very good to me the last 2 years. With only $160 in my pocket I go sit for a few in a 1-2 game with a short buy in of $150.

I recognize 2 regulars that I have played with in past years and one Asian to my right that is a local. ( more to come on him) Monte Carlo is running a promotion over SB weekend that all hands full house or better receive tickets that you write your name on and place in bucket with 49ers logo or Ravens logo each score during the game they pull a ticket. $50 for FG $100 for TD and $200 for safety. I made 2 full houses in the first 3 hand I played. Each time flopping a set and turning a boat. Within 10 minutes my stack is nearing $300. Then the following. Asian local to my right has now decided its time to eat. I have now problem with wanting something to eat at the table. This guy gets in his backpack and pulls out a huge plastic container of salad. I ask him " you have 100 rabbits to feed?" table all gets a laugh. Dude gives me a FU look. I apologize and just said I was having fun. Rabbit food Asian has $125 in font of him. cards are dealt I look 2-4 of diamonds. Early position raised to 7. I see a position to just try and squeeze. I make it 20 only caller is salad boy. I can't really put him on anything other that just trying to run me down for the previous comment. Flop come 3d-5d-6x. Holy crap! all I can see after the flop is @pokergrumps twitter Avi. Salad boy checks and I make it $20. Insta called. Hmmmm. Turn is a J non diamond. V bets 55. I tank for a few just to hollywood him. Flat him. River is a non diamond K. He shoves the rest of his stack in ( wasn't much 35ish) I call. He shows 5-6 for a flopped 2 pair. I show my flopped straight and he yells "TABLE CHANGE". I flip the dealer a redbird and can't stop laughing.

Now my friends are ready for me to take their prop bets so I go up to my room to begin writing all the props down.

Will continue later, I'm currently battling the post Vegas sickness and need to take a rest.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more of your adventure. Would have loved to have been at the table to watch this little confrontation.

  2. I am very much enjoying your TR and looking forward to reading more.
    I love the MC poker room, the staff there are so friendly and helpful and I've made friends with some of the regs that I've bumped into again and again over the years....most of them grumpy old men, but boy are they funny.

  3. looking forward to the rest of your TR.

  4. Thanks for all the feedback.. I have sent in part 2. Implants-- would love to see that pic.