Second Vegas Trip '09 part 1,rain,snow and poker


Started Sunday night at TI with Yappy and O.D. playing tourney but I stick to ring cash. I only made $60 in 5 hours but cracking O.D. was priceless!
We went heads up with my pocket ladies against whatever he had and I kinda encouraged him to go all in against me,he had position but i had him covered and my pocket ladies turned into a set. very nice!! Great night thanks.
Monday morning at Harrahs for the breakfast club with AVP Mike at a loose table. I had pocket cowboys and 1 loose player kept calling my bets and after the river all he needed was 1 card for a straight and might of had it but I folded my cboys.
Scary board. Excellent to see dealers Sandy,Vincent and Jason. Lost $44 in 3 hours.
Tuesday morning Harrahs breakfast club as always and i pushed too late,after turn,and my pocket ladies was beaten by a straight. Lost $200 in 1.5 hours,not kool but it happens. Part of the game type thing.
Wednesday morning Harrahs and only lost $49 in 2.5 hours. Game improving but not great yet.

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