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Spent Nov. 5-7 on a weekend getaway to our favorite poker city with a buddy who is not a poker player. We checked out the new bypass for the hoover dam and did a bit of sightseeing, but after all that we headed to our little piece of heaven hotel- Terrible's.

I shimmied up to the poker tables to see what was going on and they had two LHE2/4 tables going with a single seat available at both. The clientele looked to be mostly local with a number of what appeared to be UNLV students trying their hand at it. The play was marginal and one kid (wearing his dorm key and college ID around his neck) was tilting because people weren't playing like he wanted. He was upset about straddles and of course the river suckouts he endured ended his night.

I can't say that the competition was good. There seemed to be a couple people from whom I would stay out of the way, but overall play seemed weak.

I was card dead most of the first night until getting pocket K's- flop comes K, 4, 7. everyone checks around, I raise and get 6 callers. Next card is J. Everyone checks around I raise, get 4 callers and a re-raise, I raise again and get only 2 callers. I don't remember the final card, but I bet into it and take it down.

I did win a couple of more pots, but nothing spectacular- ended up $90 in two hours.

Day 2-
Did some more sight seeing, played $1craps at Jokers' wild- won $40 and bought the 24 hour Harrah's Buffet of Buffet pass. Definitely worth the cost as we ate at Paris, Planet Hollywood and Rio. I made back my money in King Crab legs alone at PH.

Played Bingo at Terribles twice that day. The first session first game I covered the board and won $100. A couple rounds later I split a pot for $30. I started to think about giving up all other Vegas games until the second session where I didn't win a nickel. I know bingo sounds lame, but sitting with a friend amid a crowd of folks dead serious on the game is a hoot.

That night got onto a loud table at Terrible's. One player was vocally ticked that two seats where folks had gone to dinner break were empty for over 1.5 hours. He actually got up for at least 10 minutes to complain at Kim the game manager. She settled him down. The two came back telling how bad and slow the restaurant there was in fixing their messed up order.

then this guy goes on full tilt ready to mix it up. Villain is heads up with another at the table, river comes and villain who made the last raise and was called flips one card and demands to see the other guy's cards. The other guy flips one as well. Villain starts to get louder saying "flip it, you show". The player to his left who hasn't said much at all says "you flip the card you raised, he checked to you" and Villain starts yelling about how he needs to shut it and he isn't in the hand. He starts getting up to make some fists. The rest of the table starts to talk this idiot down and the whole thing settles, but thereafter I had a bad feeling and switched tables.

I ended up donking off chips with barely a card to play and of course couldn't steal a pot since it was 2-4 limit no fold 'em hold'em.

A good part of this all is that I asked for a comp buffet breakfast and recieved as soon as the computer was up. I think I only played about 6 hours and the comp was for up to $11.

If you like playing at the IP, Excalibur and other fish bowls, you might consider a swim at good ole Terrible's.

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  1. i'll keep this in mind. thanks for sharing!