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Poker first: I can’t believe I only played four sessions. First was the O’sheas midnight $45 tournament on Wednesday. It had 30+ players and paid the top four. In the first hour, I played six hands and won five. I was steamrolling until the final table when my JJ ran into AA and my large stack took a severe beating. After that, I did my best to hang on (even came back from a chip & chair) but busted on the bubble. It was fun.

The next day, I entered the 10pm TI tournament. It had 50+ players and paid the top six. Again, I did well early on and made the final table. Too bad, my JJ were again no good against AK when a K fell on the river. I busted in 9th. The tournament was run very well with an ample number of breaks. We can’t wait to return next year.

Next, it was back to O’sheas (why?) for the 1-5 spread game. I really like this game! I bought in for $100 and after going up and down for several hours, cashed out with $101. lol! Players are here to have a fun time.

On Friday, I played in the long-anticipated MGM poker room. It was all I imagined it would be. Half of my $1-2 table was jockeying to be table captain. I played patiently and doubled my $200 buy-in after an hour. Here is a hand: after winning a large pot, I was dealt 7-7 UTG, I raise to $12, and get many callers. Flop comes 7-4-6 rainbow for my set. Pot is now about $60 and I try to take it down with a $25 bet and get called by villain, others fold. Turn is 10. Pot is now $160 (less rake) and I bet $75 to end it again. Villain thinks, counts his chips and goes all in $100 over the top. I, thankfully, have him covered and call. He flips over 5-8 for the flopped straight. River is a blank and my nearly $400 stack dwindles to $80.

Later, as my stack shrinks to $48, and the railbirds fly over like vultures for my chair, I double up when my JJ finally holds up. Next hand I get 5-5 and call a $12 raise from villain. Three players see the flop, which is a miracle 6-5-6. I check, player to my left bets out $30, villain raises to $60, and I go all in $92 total. Villain calls and I rake a nice little pot putting me just over my original buy-in. Villain and his wingman leave and the table turns ice cold. I collect several small pots and several Stella drafts before losing a few pots and cashing out with $205. Good times.

As far as poker, I ended up even in cash games and down $110 in tournament play. Had lots of drinks and met lots of people, so it was great time! I regret not having played PH or Hard Rock, which was on my list. But, there’s always next year.

Non-poker: We stayed at the MGM Signature on the same property as MGM Grand. The room was awesome, even humbling as we were upgraded to a penthouse suite as part of a promotion. It was the nicest place I have ever stayed. We really enjoyed the MGM Grand pool and lazy river. The drinks are expensive, but strong and tasty. We ate at the Cabana Grill during the day and one time at the Victorian in Bill’s for the $5.99 steak/eggs breakfast. We saw Duran Duran on Friday at the Palms but were too worn out to stay and play. Blackjack and Craps were terrible on this trip. Don’t even talk about the slots. One good thing that I wish I found earlier was the video poker at the Wild Horse bar in MGM where you can put in $20 and get free drinks while playing .25 video poker or other game. I have all but given up on blackjack, which is sad because it was the first game I learned to play long before poker. See ya next year, Vegas!

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast. That's what it's all about....repeated trips to O'Sheas notwithstanding. :grin: