Arrived at 11pm after a pleasant $132 return flight from Bellingham on Allegiant, checked into NY NY into a Park Avenue Room. They sent me a three day comp offer, even though I only played a few slots there last year - my 5 buddies played the Megabucks on my card for a cumulative total of an hour or so. I think this hotel is hurting a bit: for only a few dollars more per night, the MGM's rooms are much nicer.

I had a confirmed reservation with a King bed: when I got up to my room (on the 6th floor with a view of a massive A/C unit) I discovered two queens. I phoned down and they advised that they had no other rooms with a King bed. WTF? It's a Monday night. Then I noticed that the bedspread in my non smoking room had a cigarette burn in it. Nice!

Off to play poker at MGM clocked in at 12 midnight played for 2 hours. Great table featuring the all american college buddy game (a heavy dose of drinking included) So many verbal clues as to hand strength: one of the best tables I've sat at. I only earned $37 as the drunkest fellow's Q high draw landed on the river and I lost a $170.00 pot holding what had been top pair K kicker!

I also saw one of the grossest things I've ever seen at a poker table. Short brown hair unwashed hair, geeky looky guy with glasses, and a brown jacket who was not very active at that table. He started, and continued, to pick at a sore on his chin until it started to bleed and weep fluid, still kept picking at it and touching the cards with the same hand EWWWW.

night one +$37

Day two - off to the Venetian for $350 DSE - the deck ran me over for the first two levels but got no action. Then went card dead for 3 levels and busted out with an under full house. Great classy venue and the buffet is great.

Crossed over to the Mirage hoping to score the Poker comp to the Buffet, they advised that it has been replaced by $1 hour manual tracking. It was really dead in there; two tables of 1/2 with mostly solid looking players, no alcohol, and very little PF action. A couple of small limit tables and that's it for 4 oclock on the day before a holiday.

Carried on to Caesars, a little busier but again only about 4 NL tables running, almost no alcohol in sight beside the players. On to Bellagio, very busy there, saw Phil Laak hanging out in Bobby's room with three guys, looked like they were waiting for a game.

Walked back to MGM, and played for 6 hours and was into the table for $450.00 at a loose wild table, lots of drinking and maybe 2 other decent players, I made my fortune when i turned the nut straight, all the cash went in and I successfully faded a heart OTR, cashed out for $587.

+137.00 for day 2 cash, -$350 tourney

-$176 for the trip

Wednesday, played for 2 hours in the afternoon at MGM +$45; no hands to speak of. Went to CraftSteak and had the Filet Mignon with a lobster tail, assorted mushrooms with a fine glass of wine: very expensive and very good.
Decided to check out the Fantasy show at the Luxor, got my ticket voucher from the 1/2 price ticket shop and headed over early to get a decent seat. Booked an 8th row ticket around 8:30 then played at the Luxor until show time for 1.5 hours.

I worked it up to $240 from the buy in of $200. Picked up the two black kings UTG raised to $10.00 was reraised to $50 by the button. I decided that his raise was pretty steep for AA, and knowing that any flop with an A Q or J in it would put me in an awful spot after the flop out of position I said a prayer and pushed all in He went into the tank; I thanked the poker gods for no AA. After about 90 seconds and an attempt to get me to talk, he called. I immediately tabled the Kings and the flop was all low. he did not table, but said "you're good" and I faded whatever he was looking for as he mucked at the end. Shortly after, I had to head to the show and cashed out for $489.00.

The Fantasy show featured hot topless chicks but was more of a rock and roll dance routine then a show; hard to believe you can lose interest with hot topless chicks. The comedian who did two 3 minute set breaks was very, very funny. The Crazy Horse show at MGM is much more erotic and would easily get my return visit over Fantasy.

Carried on to Mandalay Bay, where the min max for 1/2 is 100/300, lots of drunks here , one at my table who would call any raise at all if he already had $2 in the pot! I was card dead until 4:30 am when I my glorious nut flush tripled up against two guys, both holding AQ for top pair top kicker. The pot was over $700! I cashed out 1/2 an hour later up $330.

Day 3 +664

Trip +448 (including all the tips at the table and two massages from the girls at MGM grand- both were very hard and fabulous)Overall, great trip and it took my mind off my stressful job like nothing else.

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