Super Bowl weekend grind

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In Vegas starting Friday evening at 1030pm. check into the Monte Carlo drop the bags in the room put money in safe...OOps. Some toolbag decided to shut the safe behind him in the room..Wait for security only 10 mins to open and straight to the MC poker room. I have always run good in this room. Love the straddle on the button. Easy to control pot size in the room. I was there with a group assembled from all over the USA for our annual Super Bowl meeting. The majority of the group was at Motley Crue concert but would catch up later. I am seated and one person from my group is already there playing and looks up a few hundred. An hour or so later 3 other from my group show up and the table turned into a party. Every local was dying to get to our boozing table. Only problem was the drunkest loudest people at our table were getting hit with the deck. Flopping Nut flushes over flushes, Full houses.. So sick. I was ABC raise continuation take it down. Just there to laugh and have fun and wait for my big hand. Table broke and went to another table for about an hour off to bed. Up for 24hrs time for a nap..

Saturday-- 10 hour session at MC poker room.. Daylight manager Suzie is the bomb. We joked around like we knew each other for years. Seated at the table that is right next to the rail. Cocktails flowing all day.. Several Canadian players at my table we chatted hockey and so forth hit one big hand.. I have poket J's call $10 raise flop 9-10-* two diamonds I have the J of diamonds. I make a 20 bet that was called in 2 places. Turn Q of diamonds. check and an all-in to me. To call the all-in was $58. I called with my JJ and strt flush/ flush/ straight draw. Other player mucks. Player shows QQ..I feel better now heading to the river.. River peels off the beuatiful K of diamonds. Ship it with a straight suck out flush. Hours go by and my co-worker who is in Vegas also is texting saying she was ready for some dinner.. It's like 8-9 pm. Now she is a 6 ft blonde with implants and dressed in fine Vegas fashion. As soon as she shows up on the rail she is a distraction.. I win 3 pots in a row on total bluffs because D is yucking it up on the rail with the rest of the table. Cash out and head to Diablos for yet more drinks and some food.

Sunday up early to make Super Bowl bets.. Make my bets as soon as the windows open and head to Aria.. Get on the list on 5 in front of me. Go to the slots across from poker room with-in 15 minutes I can see the board is filling up and people are all around the room. I go back and check my name is gone..WTF they say we called you, did you use the mic? I'm not deaf. Oh well meeting friend to help with his SB bets... We have a SB party every year at Alexis Park.. I know off strip dive but they don't charge us and we had 30 people in our party this year. Drinks aren't overpriced and food is cheap. They have a block pool for $10 I buy one and just befor kickoff the number are out... Me 9 NY 0 NE... You all know how that turned out... Sip $100 for 1st and $300 for the half.. I hit the safety at +700 on $10 bet. Various other small prop bets in the game but mostly to buckets of beer and multiple shots and another fine SB with friends. After the game group heads over to MGM.. Small wait then seated at table.. Play for about 30 minutes and decide I am way too drunk to play and my flight leaves at 830 am.. Cab it over to the MC and to the room..

I always have fun and enjoy the MC. No big slot wins this year. Hope to be back next year.. Only thing the majority of the crew is talking going to New Orleans for SB47.. I would rather be in Vegas so may be a smaller group.

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  1. hit the safety at +700 on $10 bet

    Safety paid 70 to 1 ($700) or was it +700, so paid $70?

  2. paid $70 on $10 correct..