Thanksgiving Day....Stuffing my Face and Wallet

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Like everyone else, I spent most of the day stuffing my face full of turkey, ham, pumpkin pie, etc. I came home and took a nap for 2-3 hours. I got up and my roommates were out to I went to Caesar's and sat down to play 1-3 NL. The table was horrible. There were two guys on my right who kept bragging to each other about all the things they blowing money on..."I chartered a jet to go to San Diego for dinner with my girlfriend while my wife was out of town" and "I spent almost 5k repairing my Rolex"..those were the two comments I remember most...ugh. Playing poker with two guys pumping up their self-image like that is nauseating. I finally left and decided to play the 11pm tourney. It's a $120 buyin, 4k in chips and 30 minute blinds. I was playing pretty tight, and had a couple of good breaks. I tripled up in one hand which started it all. The player to my right went all in with pocket 5s, I had AK of clubs, so I called (it was about 3000). A player behind me went all-in for about 7k, and I figured I had to call with all that money out there and the ability to take out 2 players. The third player had QQ. The flop was A-J-x, and the turn and river were blanks, so I scooped both pots. I made the final table as the chip leader. The guy in the one seat was the tourney donk. He got there by busting a player with 9/6 off against queens, he hit runner-runner 9s. His luck finally ran out. I had AA under the gun and I made the min raise. Everyone else folded to the donk, who said "You know what I'm gonna do, right?". I simply nodded and waited. He pushed all his chips in and I immediately called, forgetting there was one more player left to act (he had nothing and was gonna fold anyway). I caught him bluffing as he turned over Q8 of diamonds. The flop was three small cards, all black, and I gladly took his money, much to the delight of everyone else. He busted out two hands later when he went allin with 7/4 hearts. His opponent had KK. That took us to six players, and we agreed to donate $30 apiece to give to the bubble boy, so he got $180, while at the same time not fouling up the payouts. It was very tight from there. I had pocket 3s and hit a set on the turn, busting out a player to make us 4-handed. Finally we got to heads-up with me having a 2-1 chip lead. I got caught bluffing to give the lead up for awhile, then I got lucky and hit a str8 to get the lead back. My opponent and I went to the bathroom and to have a cigarette during heads-up and we talked and laughed the whole time (he was a good player and a great sport). The second hand after we got back, I had K9 and hit a 9 on the flop. He went all-in and I called. He had AJ and didn't hit, so I finally won. First paid $1584, and I took $1400, tipping the rest. Caesar's also gives the winner a card protector with the gladiator logo on one side and Caesar's Palace 2007 on the other.

A funny story after the tourney. I went back to play 1-3 for a little bit. Chuck was dealing, he's a regular graveyard dealer, been around the block alot, very good dealer. We were talking about the tourney and he asked what the payout was. I told him it was $1584 but I only took $1400 and tipped the rest. He laughed and said to me "You need to win more often.". I couldn't help but laugh. He wasn't making a smartass comment, he was just appreciating the tipout and like any other dealer likes players who tip to win.

Like everything else at Caesar's it was well-run, comfortable, and enjoyable. Their tourney room is as big as their main room, and it's quiet. My only two things are they play 10-handed until they get to three tables or so, and that their tourney tables don't have shufflemasters. I don't know if that's normal for tourneys or not, but they would go faster if they did.

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  1. Very nice win. I'm sure you were "thankful" for the victory! :sunglasses:

  2. Congrats, nice win!

    And I guess the dealer's right, as had it been me, I'd probably tipped an additional 3%, $50 or so. But to each their own, everyone wins in the end anyway :smile:

    Congrats again!!!

  3. @joel1968

    I'm the same way, but I have yet for a cash that large... Too bad for my dealers.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you finally got a GREAT break, and took a nice first place finish in a tournament for a change!!! I'm sure the dealers were happy too, good job taking care of them, especially since they had to be there on the holiday...I always feel worse for the working on the holidays so when I'm playing then I tend to be even more generous than usual! :laughing:

    My only question is...where the heck is my tip? Who's the one that told you to give tournaments a shot?!?!?!?!? :confused: Just kidding!!!!! :wink: Way to go!!! Keep up the good work! :laughing: if you'll excuse me I have to go make an appointment to have my Cartier repaired...:wink: