The Marathon Caused a Marathon Day of Poker

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I was out with some friends Saturday night, and I was driving home on Sahara Rd. You cound not drive across the Strip due to the marathon, so I gave up and parked at Harrah's and walked over to Caesar's. The 1-3 NL game was nice and juicy. There is a regular who I play with there who gives a TON of action (and usually a ton of money too LOL). There is also another player who is notorious for being abusive to EVERYONE in the room, and I was able to get some money from him. He has a bad habit of winning with K4 off or worse, so I rather enjoyed calling him with 7/4 hearts and flopping a full house and busting him. Both of them were at the table and as a result I finished up about $200 before I had an insane moment and decided to play the 12p tourney. It's a great tourney, 10k starting chips, $330 buyin, 40 min blinds. I was catching some cards and building up my chip stack. Had AA twice and doubled up both times with it (busting one short stack in the process). I had a couple of bad beats that I was pissed about for a little bit, but was able to shrug off. One time I had a set, the other time I had a str8, and both times the flush hit on the river, both times to a good kid from Kentucky. I have him a little hell for it, but he was a good sport, and I got over it pretty quickly. The tourney paid out 9 places, so once we got to 10 players, we all donated $40 apiece and gave it to the bubble boy. We made it to the final table and I was one of the chip leaders. Luckily for me the two most aggressive players were both to my was like having MPitts and Yappy there LOL. The table was pretty good, except for one player who was in way over his head and hitting lots of river cards, luckily not against me. Finally, we were down to 4 handed, and it was about 9pm by this time. We agreed to a chop, 5000-3500-3000-2500. I was the short stack by then, so I took $2500 (4th was supposed to pay $1500). We all tipped $100 apiece to the dealers and I finally dragged myself outta there and went home. How I could play poker with no sleep and drive home without wrecking my car I'll never know...

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