Tight players in November


November 10th - 17th, stayed at the Fitz but didn't play poker there as they rarely had a game going when we were there.

Golden Nugget - this is our staple in Vegas. We love this poker room and the management. If you play right downtown, you will never pay for a meal and always come out ahead. I have to say though, this trip we saw the tightest poker players ever. It was extremely easy to buy a pot and be aggressive, but not so easy to get a big pot going. We play mostly 1/2 no limit. Very often sitting at the table with $200 and getting up in 2 hours with $600 just from buying pots. This is our favorite downtown poker room and usually things go great here and the management is outstanding. Nathan, the evening manager, is awesome and makes sure everyone is having a great time. This trip, however, we had our first negative experience at the Nugget. We sat and played poker for about 8 hours one day and when we left for the day at about 130am, the night manager had taken over, I think his name was Keith. When we asked for our food comp cards, he very smartly said he was out. I thought he was kidding because they are friendly there and joke with you but I soon found out, not only was he not kidding, but his attitude got smarter and smarter when I questioned him. I don't know about you, but when I go to Vegas, I plan out my days to maximize my play and comps. When they tell me they are out of the simple piece of paper they give you with the food comp on it, you kind of think "ummm, how hard is it to keep some papers in your desk?". Anyway, the management the next day corrected it for me, but the guys attitude and instant anger towards us was off putting to say the least. Having said all that, we had a great and profitable time every time we played at the Nugget and will continue to play there every time we go.

Binions - during our trip we tried several times to play at Binions and there would only be like 1 table going or maybe 2. There wasn't much action there and we only were successfully seated at a 1/2 nl game twice while we were there. We did well when we were able to play. The players there are mostly locals and mostly older men who are easy to beat if you are a female as they all have something to prove and will bluff off their chips to you quite easily. We did have an incident at the table with an aggressive guy who complained from the minute we sat down about Binions and how they don't do things right (why do you play here if you're just gonna complain), kept trying to tell the dealers how to do their job and kept pushing the rules. He ended up causing a big problem for one player and started an arguement and threated to hit the guy. The dealer at our table was no help and let the situation get out of control. When she called the floor, she was no help to the "victim" of this angry man and the "victim" ended up leaving. We got up and left as did half of the table as we weren't going to play with this guy any more. Management was to slow getting the guy off the table but to their credit, it was the dealers fault for not paying attention and letting management know what really happened. Again, we came out ahead at Binions, just had a bad experience.

Venetian - NICE. We've been to Vegas before but this is our first time in the Venetian poker room. Again, NICE! This room is huge and has tons of action at all hours of the day. We never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a 1/2 nl seat and could choose from many games at many limits if we wanted to. Management was great and we won every time we sat down. A lot of young players here and a lot of people with money. Patience here will pay off. The comps at the Venetian suck but the cocktails are awesome and the poker is outstanding.

Be back in March, Vegas!

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  1. yeah downtown kinda sucks for poker,if your looking for good games 24/7 u have to stay on the strip..