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Thursday morning Aces Cracked promo 10 players including AVP Mike and South Point Perry and i am in the 5 seat,Mike in 10 seat,Perry in 7 seat,kool beans so far. I play pocket 8's and the flop comes
8,9,10. fantastic i have trips and first action. do you see the RED flag i just went through? so i DO NOT check to see my status and i did NOT SEE the other problemos either so i STUPIDLY bet $100. see another RED flag here? if someone is calling with Q,J i am toast right away like the player in the 8 seat has!!! player in 8 seat all in for $135 and the player in the 2 seat calls and i AM CLUELESS as too how sorry my situation is and i do NOT see i am playing bottom trips and a straight draw on the board. so i throw out $35 to call and then i hit the wall,BIG TIME OUCH!!! the player in the 8 seat,and 2 seat shows their straights and now i see the light.only good thing is that night i win all my denero back playing SMARTER,SLOWER and LESS STUPID!!!!

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