Two nights at Bally's

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Played both Saturday and Sunday night (10/28 & 10/29) at the 2/4 limit table. Saturday night was very juicy. If you can bide your time and take a few bad beats (and I mean BAD), you can easily make money with ABC poker here.

Played Saturday for 5 hours and left up $125. Could have been more, but bad beats in the last hour took me for about $75. You will not, I repeat, will NOT chase anyone away pre-flop or pre-turn with a raise, a check-raise, a cap bet, etc... If they come in before you, they are likely to stay. I saw a guy come over the top twice pre-flop with pocket QQ trying to push another guy out. They guy capped pre-flop with A5 suited and flopped the wheel !!!

Anyway, played Sunday night well into the morning. Broke even as the late night guys at the table were the same 6 that were playing on Saturday night (3 of which were locals). So we started having fun, seeing as we were only really going to pay the drop anyways. Started doing shots for every kill pot, etc... This was fine until some bitchy asain female asian delear rotated to our table. She got real pushy and tried to tell us we couldn't drink anymore. One of the locals started some crap with her. Then one of the other fellas cut his finger on a card and started bleeding all over the table and deck !!! Well, then two security guys show up, so I figure its best to make an exit, as I wasn't going to be making any $ off this game anyways.

Just a fun couple nights at a low limit table.

Bally's is nothing great, but their room is central to the casino, so you get ALOT of fish coming in on the busy (Fri/Sat) nights. Also, for those who like it, the room is within earshot of a live lounge band, so there's good music. Some players don't care for this, I tend to like it - especially when its not a real serious game.

Drinks come quick. The bar is literally 3 steps from the poker room. The do have Red Bull, which is a plus in my book. One downside, the bottled water was not always chilled. A pet peeve of mine - I want it cold.

All in all some fun, and a much needed respite from the wife's side of the family and the weeding hoopla.

Worth a look.

P.S. I might add that this was my first trip to Vegas on the weekend prior to Halloween. I strongly recommend it :) All the Halloween parties were in full swing and many of the ladies wear less for costumes than most Vegas showgirls (or strippers for that matter). Excellent eye candy all weekend !!

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