My husband is in Las Vegas with the Air Force for 6 weeks so I decided to take a trip from Alaska to Vegas for 4 nights with my friend, Brandy. We play lots of poker at home so we were ready to hit some real casino style poker in Vegas! We arrived at 6:30 am on Saturday and decided to start at the 11:00 am tourney at the Sahara. While waiting for the tourney to start I bought into the 1/2 NLHE game for $200. I ended up losing my $200 when I went all in with my trip jacks. The other guy (an off duty dealer at the Sahara) had trip 7's but caught his 4th 7 on the river! OUCH! My trip was not off to a good start. I busted out of the tournament about 1/2 way through and my husband ended up chopping 1st place with 3 other people. He took home a little over $600.

We checked into the Excalibur and decided to put in our 5 hours of poker playing in order to get the poker rate. I lost at NL but then went over to 3/6 limit and won back what I lost. We all headed over to the MGM and won more over there. We all had a great time there. I love that room. Played a little at the 4/8 Wynn. I wasn't all that impressed. I had to ask the waitress 4 times for my drink! I just expected this place to be top notch from everything I read on the this site.

Sunday we checked out of the Excalibur and checked into the MGM. The rooms are WAY NICER at the MGM. Excalibur is a dump. We played a little at Bally's late Sunday night. There was not a lot of action there, I think it was too late.

Monday we played a tourney at the Imperial Palace. I busted out early. Then we went to Caesars Palace. I played 3/6 limit and Brandy played 1/2NL. I really liked this room. It was so comfortable! I got pocket aces like 4 times. Once I had quad aces! So I really had a good time. I came out a couple hundred up and Brandy finished a down. Went to Bellagio Monday night and played a little 4/8. The room was nice but way too cramped. The highlight of that trip was Gus Hansen was paying in Bobby's Room. Also saw a couple of other pros I recognized from TV but I didn't know their names. One of the guys at my table chased Gus Hansen down to get his autograph and all he could come up with for him to autograph was 2 $100 bills. Everyone at the table thought that was a waste of 2 $100 bills!

Tuesday I did the MGM 11:00 am tourney. I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. Walked down to Caesars and played 3/6 limit. Finished a couple hundred up again. While I was there I was talking to these 2 nice guys and they told me about the tournament they have there at Caesars. They said I should give it a try. Since it was Valentines Day I didn't know how my husband would feel about paying in a romantic poker tournament instead of going out to dinner. So I called him and he said OK. I bought us into the tournament. I continued to play 3/6 until the tournament started. While we were playing this nearly naked man walks in dressed like Cupid, with wings and bow and arrow! He is yelling out for this lady that works there as a waitress. When they find her he gives her a singing telegram in front of the entire poker room! It was so funny. Poor girl.

Anyway, I busted out of the tournament in about 15th place or so. I was short stacked most of the way through but I was glad I made it that deep into the tournament. My husband was one of the first to bust out. I went back to the MGM and played some more 3/6. While I was there I managed to flush my cell phone down the toilet on accident! I had to get the floor guy to call maintenence. Not because I wanted it back but because I didn't want it to clog up the toilet! I can hardly ever get a piece of toilet paper to go down the toilet on the first flush. How the @#$* does a cell phone go down the toilet????!!

Overall I enjoyed my trip. I should have stayed out of the tournaments and just stuck to ring games. (Last time I was in Vegas I cashed in every tourney I played in). This time it just didn't happen for me. My 2 favorite rooms are the MGM and Caesars Palace. I will be back during WSOP!

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