Very little poker, some Bingo? and a lot of Vegas Dives! 6/29-7/1

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The annual "guys trip to Vegas 08" started out great. We drove from LA in good time and rolled into town around 3pm. This was after stopping at Stateline Primm to ride the Desperado (it gives you the Willys) and the log flume. Both are free all day with the Terrible's funbook. We also played $2 craps for a bit at Whiskey Petes and I was down $2 and my buddy was up. Then onto Vegas.

We checked into Terrible's (paid $32 total for 2 nights with summer promotion) and dropped the stuff off in the room. I know alot of folks think this place is a complete dive, but I find it to just be a partial dive with relatively easy access and clean rooms. Their slot club is really easy too. I get free junk every trip.

Headed to the microbrewery at Ellis Island for the BBQ. We had seen this place on Travel Channel and FoodNetwork so we had to try it. After an hour wait (we went last year and it was a 2.5 hour wait so we left) we were seated. Had the 1/2 Chicken and Ribs. The food was plenty and good. I could have used more BBQ sauce. For the price, I could go back.

We had only heard about how bad N. Las Vegas casinos were until this day. We drove up LV Blvd. to Jerry's Nugget. We somehow felt safer with the two N.LV PD cruisers already in the parking lot. We walked around the casino a bit, but the denizens playing there cast an eery glow that told us to head on out, and so we did.

Back safely in the car we headed north toward Poker Palace. This place has not remodeled since 1973. We only know this because the sports book decor is a bunch of 1/2 football helmets in circular disks formed into the letters NFL. My buddy is sure that the coloring and insignia on the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills, and Philadelphia Eagles helmets pointed to the old days and some other helmets pointed to about 1973. If you love NFL memorabilia, you should just go and check this out. Get your shots first though.

A funny note on this casino is that they have a non-smoking and smoking entrance about 15 feet away from each other. There isn't much separation inside, but it is a gesture.

They were just starting a tourney when we arrived so we sat down for some Black Jack. They serve it for $1 so we thought it would be ok. Well 5 hands later we were down 5 bucks so we left the bad vibe.

Back on the road. We head north. We didn't know what we would find. We found the Silver Nugget. The sign out front touted $5 BJ. We weren't sure we should even stop, and we didn't.

We made it to Craig road and decided to take I-15 back to Rio to check out the action of the WSOP.

We found our way to the WSOP and walked through some of the big rooms of the tournament. We saw Daniel Negreanu, Chris (Jesus) Ferguson, Barry Greenstein, and Lakers owner Jerry Buss. There were others that we thought were big names, but we weren't sure. Neat experience to see this tournament happening.

We left there to go to Excalibur for some poker action of our own. Now I am not a big player and don't ascribe to be either. I find it fascinating to read all the stories on the board and learn, but don't fancy anything more than 2-4 limit with the fish. I enjoy the comradere and drinks. The latter blurs my memory of the hands that happened.

At the Ex we got into a 2-4 game quickly. The action was regular for Ex. I played TAG (more tight than aggressive) and pulled out a couple good pots to end up $16 for the night. My buddy was up $60. No big hands or controversy. Waitresses could move faster on the drinks though. I think the one serving our table was incompetent, but they came faster when a second waitress started coming through.

The next morning we wake up late and my buddy says "Let's play BINGO" we have coupons. So for an Hour we played at Terribles. We bought in for 8 bucks which included the little machine that daubs your cards for you. Makes it very easy. I hit a bingo for 60 bucks to which I find out that it could have been $752 if I had "validated" the ticket. Oh well. My buddy hit it the next morning and split over $900 with his validated ticket.

After eating at Terrible's buffet we head Downtown for the "Viva Las Vegas" show because we were given free tickets. I had been to it at stratosphere and it was a fine way to lose an hour. It is downright terrible now. It is so bad, it is hilarious. Especially seeing people at 2 in the afternoon thinking that the dilapidated show is something close to the epic days of the rat pack. Nevertheless, we had to leave downtown.

We made our obligatory stop at the Gamblers wharehouse and headed to the Westin for their "Happy Hour". We played the $3 craps table. The drink lady asked what we wanted and we couldn't get anything imported we wanted so she said she would bring us her choice. We decided her "rufie colada" really hit its mark when we were feeling it after only 2 of them.

The craps table was hot as a Brit stepped up and rolled 5 hardways in a row. He then rolls boxcars and a guy at the other end had a 5 spot on it to win. That guy then drops a 5 spot on 12 for the roller and pushes the rest on 12. It hits! The ending result was a win of about $2000 for that guy on the end and an extra $125 for the brit. I went up $7. What a high roller I am.

We hit the Spice Buffet at PH and then back to the Ex for more poker. It took longer to get on a table, but once there, it was relatively lively. I took a couple pots. One came when I thought I lost with 2 pair to a set. However the dealer pushed me the chips. In my inebriated position, I just assumed that I had misread the cards. A hand or so later the villain asked my hand and I couldn't remember it (gotta cut off after too many MGDs) I had queen something. Anyway I ended up down, but my buddy was again up $60.

We finished the night with a 2 hour session of craps at Terrible's. We walked to the empty table at 1:30am and it was $5 minimum. The dealer said "Welcome" and I said "Oh I thought this was a $3 game" and immediately the floor boss said "Make it a $3 game". What a deal. He even took our club cards to rate us. After switching ends of the table a couple of times for a change in luck (If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all -RD) we sat on a 25 min roll by my buddy. We were both way up and then squandered it over time. At 4am we were brazen enough to ask for a comp buffet. At 4:10 we recieved it. 1st comp based on craps ever! The buffet the next morning was great- if only because it was comped.

If you stayed with me this long, I appreciate it. Next year at Guys Trip Vegas 09 we will check out the Joker's Wild, Henderson as well as the Pinball Hall of Fame at Pecos and Tropicanna.

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  1. Great read, thanks!

    And Desperdao is awesome, love that coaster!

  2. Thanks for the report! Sounds like a good time.

  3. nothing beats that drive from LA to vegas, it's not too long, and the energy level just increases with every passing mile.

    Sounds like a great guys trip, and visits to several "off the beaten path" casinos...nice.