Was I playing them or they playing me????

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i played at Harrahs early on August 31 and May 1. saw a few players who i have seen before,i took the summer off. i find the locals relaxed and fun loving players. not too excitable. Cudos to Leo for giving me 17 minutes credit to complete my third hour for my $10 for that hour. Excellent to see sandy,vincent and a few others too. in my 2 days i did flop a FH and a boat but maybe my acting is not good in the a.m. as each time i was opposed by a local and each time after the turn two different days two different times two different players said "you flopped it didnt you?". i look stupid as always and we go to the river and i had position and each time i bet $5 "just for value" and each time they paid me off. i know its only $5,lol. of course i showed because i was called and i wanted it that way so was i playing them or they playing me? very few pots over $100 and most around $50-$60.
calm relaxes game int he morning. sure there were occasionally a $20 preflop raise and a lot of checking to the river then it got semi serious.lol
and a few laughs along the way.

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