WSOP/WPT and Great Poker Games all in one trip!


Just got back from Vegas on a trip from 7/13/09 - 7/21/09. Got there on time to watch the last 2 days of the WSOP main event. Got front row seats to watch the feature table both days. This is awesome, you pay nothing, the waiters bring you drinks for tips, you will be on tv, all for absolutely nothing. Now that's a cheap Vegas show. Watched Antonio the first day and Phil Ivey the 2nd. Very exciting. The energy in the room was amazing and we met tons of poker celebs! The day after the WSOP was over, we hopped over to the Bellagio for the WPT event that was going on and met tons more poker celebs. Again, another day in Vegas with free entertainment. You can watch for free! The players are extremely friendly when they meet you during their break at the tables. So there's the first 3 days of our trip, all day entertainment for free. You can't beat that.

We stayed at Binions. Not the nicest rooms in town but got a super bargain. I was traveling with a handicap companion in a scooter. I thought this was going to make the trip very difficult but it actually made the trip easier. Vegas has a law stating that handicap people are to be first in line no matter what you are doing. Go to a buffet, move to the front of the line. Get on the bus, move to the front of the line (the deuce bus, by the way, is very handicap friendly). Go to a Vegas show, go to the front of the line and get seated before everyone else. That was a big suprise and sure was nice. Every once in a while, the handicap thing has to have some benefits I guess.

The rest of the time was all poker. Binions has great tournaments, I highly recommend them. Especially the 6pm $125 buy in. You get 10g in chips and have 30 minute blinds. Very nice. Their regular poker room is very nice as well. I love how it's sunken down and well away from the smoke in the casino. The play is pretty good, the players are easy. Sometimes you have to wait a little to long for a seat though as they don't have enough games going at any given time.

Bellagio was great for poker. We layed 4/8 limit and they have good action their. You can win some pretty big pots at that game from the calling stations at the table and the room is beautiful of course.

Golden Nugget was by far our favorite poker room. Gorgeous room, the greatest management we came across and the dealers were outstanding. The room is a little small and cramped though. This is the room where we could always find a game though, many different levels and styles.

The trip was so great we're going back in November!

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  1. i have say every trip that i was going to get a scooter just to get my fat lazy ass around,but now that i know u go to the front of the every line,u sir have sold me on the idea.............. :smiling_imp: :laughing: