WTF!!! 3rd place my first HH tourney OMG!!!!

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1st session: thanks to Yappy Dave for taking time to meet and play in tourney. sorry about your finish Dave, just glad it was not me that got your bounty.

second secessio: IP next afternoon made $201 in
2 hours. competition soft that afternoon.

3rd session:lost $158 at TI when all i saw after the flop was MY trip K's,pocket pair,and i NEVER saw a straight had been flopped!the hand was right in front of me and i missed it,my bad!!! note to
self: clean glasses!!!!!

4th session: hit very very very few flops in the afternoon at IP resulting in a $110 loss for 4 hours.

5 session at TI dropped $400 in 2 hours most on
another misread by me!! i had top pair and top kicker after flop however the person i was playing against had paired the BOTTOM 2 cards. oh s**t.

i felt i was playing well,not well enough though and i am sure i was marked for a soft player as i was "pushed" off flops by re raising. i only remember 1 hand i was bluffed? off of i would have won. so that was kool. i was raising with very quality hands too but that is poker,no problemo!
hope to see ya'll april 28th thru may 2. lessons
learned and i will remember them too.

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