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Aria poker room has become way too full of itself.Reminds me of Bellagio a few years ago. Well the B has changed for the better and ARIA colloquially sucks. To wit: Asked for line pass. The teenie bopper at the desk says we don't have any. A bald guy with an attitude jumps in and affirms there are no line passes. I go over to a desk and get a line pass from Jessica. Shift manager, Chris, jumps in and tells me don't belittle my staff. Has no idea what's going on and couldn't care less. He, Chris, tells me "Im in charge here". Bad news, I'm done with ARIA. Next day I request to see the room manager, one Adam. He ignores my request. Very rude place when some of these people are there. Hard for me to believe that the same people who hired Elaine, Jessica and Kathleen hired these other surly people.

Good news is I won $1300 in a Bellagio tournament, #1. Also won another $1500 or so at the $2-5 games in Bellagio and ARIA.