Poker tournament with 100,000 chip add on

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I played the MGM 7:05 pm daily poker tournament and it is the best daily in all of Las Vegas. For $100 you get 25,000 starting stack and at the end of level 7 you can do an add on for $100 and get an incredible 100,000 chips. You will need the add on because the levels are 20 minute turbo levels and blinds double every 20 minutes. MGM has been smashing the $5,000 GTD and hitting $11,000 to
$15,000 cash prize pool every night. 1st place is usually $3,000 or better. This is a 5 hour tournament and is great because you don't have to grind this one out for 12 to 14 hours like other daily tournaments


  1. Sounds very attractive for casual players like me .

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  3. This turned out to be a lie.

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  5. @Doaches the only lie here is you and your trolling . What is it with these trolls on this site ?

  6. @Olearyme First place was nowhere near $3,000

  7. It was also nowhere near the prize pool you stated in your post, at least when I was there. Cool vibe in the casino, though. I’d never been there before, first time there, so I don’t know what it was like before.

  8. @Doaches I've cashes 29 times since July 2021 and it always behinds on the turnout I've played and cashed so many times that I can tell you what the payouts are by how many players there are. 73 players is around 15k if everyone takes add on. Here's the math. You take $150and multiply that by number of player entrees and then add about $1000 for rebus. This math is accurate to about 300 to 400 each time. I took a bad beat after level 7 once and was left with one 5k chip literally a chip and a chair. I ran the 5k chip up to 1.2 million chips and chopped for first place money

  9. @Doaches spelling error depends on how many players

  10. @Doaches 7:05 pm is 5k gtd and hits 9k to 15k was the highest. I'm well known there and there are a few local pros that wait until level 7 break to enter and take the 100k addon. I prefer to play and chip up to 100k to 300k before addon. In the history on this tournament only 3 players have cashed without taking the 100k addon

  11. I absolutely despise add on tournaments.

  12. @Sw2467 then it's simply not for you
    I have won 29 cashes at MGM
    One time I had only one 5,000 chip and came back to take first place with 1.2 million chips
    I love MGM and the general manager Marty is a poker player and is the one who came up this wonderful tournament