Poker tournament with 100,000 chip add on

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I played the MGM 7:05 pm daily poker tournament and it is the best daily in all of Las Vegas. For $100 you get 25,000 starting stack and at the end of level 7 you can do an add on for $100 and get an incredible 100,000 chips. You will need the add on because the levels are 20 minute turbo levels and blinds double every 20 minutes. MGM has been smashing the $5,000 GTD and hitting $11,000 to
$15,000 cash prize pool every night. 1st place is usually $3,000 or better. This is a 5 hour tournament and is great because you don't have to grind this one out for 12 to 14 hours like other daily tournaments


  1. Sounds very attractive for casual players like me .

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