WSOP Pilgramage

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I recently went to Vegas just for the chance to see the main event final table live. Before I went I had no idea if I would get in or how crowded it would be. After getting in line at about 2:30, I watched as the various contingencies grouped up and cheered their favorite players. It was starting to build a lot of excitement as I was finally able to get into the theater around 430. I got a center seat in an upper row and the buzz around the room was quite palpable! The Brazilian crowd was a very fun group! The Pappas supporters were down in front of me waving their paddles in support. Other groups were scattered about and cheering as well.As the action started, it was amazing to be able to see all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into a production for television. I will just end by saying that this was such a great experience and I recommend anyone who loves poker to go to the Penn and Teller theater and experience this event live.


  1. I agree. I've been to the WSOP main event final table for the last 3 years. It really is electric inside of the theater as the action winds down to the winner. A great experience for anyone (poker fan or not) to see!