Relatively lots of action, not much going on throughout the night. was up $100 but got sucked out on, now stuck for ~ $130. I've got about $160 or so in front of me. its cheap so i'm in with low suited connectors with 5 other people, i'm in the BB.

flop comes low gap, i'm not open ended. SB bets small, i call, one other guy calls.

turn gives me the 3rd nuts (2 other straights possible one holding my top card and the nuts holding to higher). 2 hearts on the board.

SB bets about $35 (pot is about $50 or maybe a little less before he bets) - this guy is normally a 2/5 player (didn't know this prior to hand)

if i just call his bet pot goes to $120 with a guy behind likely to call as well (this guy is crazy guy loves to gamble but didn't know this prior to hand)

one or both could have the higher straight or flush draw, i'm betting SB has a made hand and not a straight, no idea on the other guy but not putting him on a straight, possible flush draw if he calls.

so, with only about ~100 more I might as well make it a total of around $150 (just covering both of them)

pot is now about $235

crazy guy insta calls, SB thinks for a moment and calls, cursing to himself.

pot is about 500 or so with $11 on the side i got refund of $6.

river is a heart, crazy guy takes the loot. SB (2/5 guy) swears throws his crapy cards (over pair) and leaves the table.

thoughts? was going all in the right move or just calling and seeing if the board flushed first (playing scared?)?


  1. I think you made the right move. You put him on a draw and you were right the only move to make is to offer him horrible odds to call(aggressive style) or check and see the river( passive) more often then not the person will fold to a large bet with a draw. Except with 1/2 the stakes aren't really high enough so a lot of people gamble here because the pay out is usually big.