Acting like it's your first time playing games live poker

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Just wondering if anyone has acted like it's the first time playing live poker in a poker room? Acting and asking questions like u don't know what you are doing to get a mental advantage on the other players. Mental advantage as in they are likely to call you because they think you are a total donkey and nit. Just wondering


  1. waste of time and just slows the game down.

    half of the people at the table aren't even paying attention anyway and the others are
    too smart, you aren't going to fool them. just play the game straight-up.

  2. There are cases when I`m really asking something about the game, but I`m really newbie in poker. What do you asking for? Is it particuar strategy for you? or what? Please, explain I think bot I and also a lot of other newbies are reading such posts on this forum

  3. you have to be an expert at this because most people will see through it, or not pay any attention what so ever. I wouldn't do it, waste of time.

    however, I have a friend of mine that does this and it works amazing. every time I play with him i'm amazed at how stupid he looks. everything from grabbing chips, to looking at the cards to placing bets, counting, the way he holds his body language, EVERYTHING. i just can't really explain it. but he's definitely in tune with his star player! it works for him because he always looks like he doesn't know what he is doing, and he doesn't ask questions unless its about bet size, but he does talk a lot about everything else under the sun and is just over all pleasant to everyone. much of the time this works to his advantage. unfortunately once it starts working he usually goes to far and somebody gets him with a hidden monster.

    he does this at cash games, not tournaments

    good luck!

  4. Noob, I wasn't acting. I played draw poker as a kid, then crazy games with wild cards at college age. Around 2000 I saw Hold 'Em on the Travel Channel and fell in love with the game. It's the perfect game.

    Anyway, I played a fair amount of low stakes online poker about 10 years ago. Then stopped. Five weeks ago I played my first live tournament. Immediately had some success. People assumed that because I had no familiarity with certain protocols I also didn't know how to play hands.

    Examples of things that scream, "novice" are constantly asking the dealer if certain bet sizes are allowed, being sure to state one that isn't allowable from time to time. Frequently looking at the monitor when determining how much to bet. Asking questions around All-In bets to indicate you're not clear on what happens next.

    I'll admit, when I saw how people underestimate me there has been some turning of the needle to amplify this. Deep down I'm laughing all the way.

    Problem is this quickly erodes as after a dozen or so live tournaments it isn't possible to be convincing.

    Good question you pose.

  5. @zzyzx This. Are you really that good that the only way you can get a game is to hustle? If so, move up.