Advice about horse tounament

Strategy & Advice by Paul1959 Posted

I played in one horse tournament but thought it was a hold em game when I bought in so gave it a shot did ok in the hold em games but got beat down on the other games and out early now I have held my own and have cashed in my share holden tournaments but haven't played much the other games should I stay away cause I am not as sharp at other games but like playing them and I can bring them up to my holden level but would love advice on how to play horse at high level are should stay away


  1. I think, you can be loose in hold em games.

    But must be smart and pick good cards to win with the 4 other games.

    Tight is right. You can't beat the game fast. Do you have to wait out a lot.

    H.O.R.S.E is GREAT for being well rounded and respected. If you only play hold em, and ONLY play it. . You will stale out.