Advice for the WSOP Main Event

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Just flew in town for the WSOP Main Event. Won a seat in my local home game back in the Palm Beach area. We have had a 6 month long leaderboard where I the winner gets 80% and everyone else splits 20% (if they played in enough of the qualifying tournaments). Looking to bring this one home for me and 'the fellas'.

This is my first WSOP Main Event....actually my first WSOP event at all except for a few circuit events. What advice does anyone have to offer? I'm a little nervous but am happy to be on a freeroll so don't have much to lose, and everything to win. Thank you, and good luck to everyone else on PokerAtlas that will be playing.


  1. Everyone says that it is a marathon and not a sprint. I am no expert but I read a lot of poker pros talking about how the first day or two doesn't matter because it is more about duration than winning a lot of chips. So you are better off playing tight than making aggro decisions that put your stack at risk. GOOD LUCK!

  2. you should be uber aggressive and take advantage of all the newbies that are playing scared and tight. get a lotta chips early so its smooth sailing later on.

  3. I agree with pocketrocket. There's no reason to get out of line and put your stack at risk without the nuts on Day 1. You will be fine just being pretty conservative, especially if you can build your stack slowly and steadily. It's such a deep structure that it doesn't make sense to play big pots. Aside from that, I suggest brining some snacks, a phone charger and a sweatshirt. Best of luck and please keep us posted on how things go!

  4. I'm no expert either, but the tourney structure does give you a lot of play; so, you can afford to be patient. That said, there is some validity in what skelly is saying. If you notice someone who is playing scared and uber-tight, then trying to pick up some smaller pots against them is a good way to build your stack with little risk. Also, if you find any really good pros at your table, then try to learn from what they are doing by observing them closely.

    Otherwise, play your game and be sure to have fun!


  5. @Dap Poker Excellent advice Dap. Well said