best way to play Jack/Jack

Strategy & Advice by tmp0085 about Texas Card House Spring Posted

What's the best way to play Jack/Jack? Seems like everytime I play it theres a King or Ace I'm the flop or turn.


  1. Fold pre

  2. @Aret4Euro hit a jack on the flop

  3. Its about position. Secondly, what are your preflop raises? Cause if u don't bet 20 or better to get the ace, 2-7(rag) out of the hands then u gotta deal with the ace limpers.... a8 or better usually suited will call.. , thirdly... are u playing with donkey players, aggressive? Lastly post flop c-betting is also crucial especially on a dry uncoordinated board.. cant let them see a free turn unless pot controlling because of draw heavy coordinated boards or 2 many callers to the flop

  4. Limp

  5. Play it like pocket 10's.