Big-O / MITT / 5 Card Omaha- Hi/Lo

Strategy & Advice by Originalkill Posted

Leaving to Vegas tomorrow for the first time (Jan.31). Was wondering if the casinos play this game regularly in the cash rooms. I've heard they do, but when looking online could not find anything stating that they do. If anyone knows, or has any info about 5 Card Omaha hi/lo cash games in Vegas it would be much appreciated. Also the best places to play this game with least experienced players (The fishes). Anything would help, thanks!


  1. There are almost never Big O (5 card Omaha hi/lo) cash games in Vegas. The only exceptions are during the WSOP in the summer and possibly during some other big tournament series, like the Venetian Deepstacks or a WSOP Circuit series -- and even then they are rare.

    The closest you will find are straight PLO games (4 cards high only), with Aria and Venetian the most likely to have a cash game going. It is possible that if you get into one of those games, you could ask the people at the table if they wanted to make it PLO 8 or even Big O Or that you could ask the floor people at those casinos to start a list for the Big O game, since they regularly get a PLO game going, they might be able to generate nough interest to start one.

    The Orleans does a $100 buyin PLO tournament on Tuesday night at 7PM.


  2. Venetian is only place I know of that runs Big O regularly on weekends only at 7pm they generally start a table. 1/2 with 5$ bring in... Buy-In is 200$ to 1000$