Bleeding chips

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I was playing 1/2 over the weekend. I had bought in for 100 and was trying to find a spot to make a play and chip up. The cards were definitely not cooperating. Making matters more difficult, I had a pretty good player two to my right who was raising way more often than he should, but at the same time he would show a hand when it seemed to make it look like he always had the goods. 4 rounds in..I am down to 75 bucks and finally get AK in the cutoff. There is one limped in early...then it folds to me. I just raise to 6. The BB calls and limper completes. Flop is 887. They both check so I continue for 10. BB calls....other player folds. Turn is a 7. He checks. I bet another 10. He just calls. River is an ace. He checks yet again. So now I figure that he has an ace like me....or maybe a 7 for the under boat. I just check it back and he shows 8/7. What???? Who checks the nuts on the river? So I was pretty bummed....still looking for a good spot and getting lower. I had 38 bucks left when I got QJ on the button. I limped along with 2 others and the blinds completed. The flop came 10/8/5. Everyone checked. Turn is a Queen. Now the active guy bets out 15. I think a bit..but go ahead and do a "what the hell" shove...resigned to my fate either way. Everyone folded and the active player called with a flush draw. He missed and I won! I wish I could say I looked at a draw heavy board and figured I was ahead...but I was just short on chips. Anyway...what are some better thoughts on short stack torture? Was I just wasting time? Thanks for any comments!


  1. I'm no expert on cash but why did you only buy in for $100?

  2. @orcusvox You know....I guess I could have bought in for the $200 max....but truly at that table...there was only one guy who had more than maybe $120 so....I just felt like it was a pretty tight table when I looked around at the stacks. My mistake was probably not chipping up once I got down under $80 because at one point I only had $40 when I got pocket jacks...and by the time it was limped around to me....I didn't think I had a choice but to shove because if I raised any amount...and was called....a bad flop would leave me no choice but to fold. I was just in a weird, "Play not to lose" mood that day and it hurt my play a lot I think. Plus...after a few rounds with Mr. Raiser....I was just not sure of how best to attack him. It really seemed like every time I would think, "Cool...I have position and he folded."....I would look down at J/2 offsuit! It was a very frustrating session. Another factor that should have played in my thinking is that I only had a maximum of two hours to play. I say that because I had people waiting on me and we live 2 hrs. from the casino. plan had been to make a quick win and then exit. I just didn't have the mindset to be grinding for 6 hrs. and have to rebuy if I busted. You know what I mean? typing this already seems like my biggest mistake of the day was going to play in the first place!

  3. I've never played cash, but only giving yourself 2 hours to play sounds like a bad idea.

  4. @orcusvox games are weird. You can double up in 5 minutes or grind for two hours and be down 20. It just depends. But...yes...making a limit is just asking for trouble.

  5. too tigh. you play too tigh1!

  6. It's very unlikely that you have 8x or 7x in your perceived range, so you're not accomplishing much by betting the turn. Even with a hand like KK, it would be pretty terrible to bet turn as you're likely way ahead or way behind, we don't want our opponent to bluff us with 910 for example... Of course he's checking his full range on river, he's oop and only Chk-called turn.....