Bubble Trouble

Strategy & Advice by FlashAllen Posted

I've been really struggling on my bubble play lately. I get the feeling I'm not switching my gears in time as we get closer to the bubble. Been feeling like I'm left a little short-handed to really make my moves. What do you guys think is a more realistic time to start truly making the push so I can more comfortable playing the bully and exploit when we're 8-10 spots away? 15% field left, 20%? Something isn't right. Thoughts?



  1. No offense, quit whining and get nasty the whole tournament. You won't have much to worry about if you have chips. Days of sitting back for 10 levels and then hoping you catch on the bubble are over.

  2. It's like most anything else in poker--it's situational. The time to bully and exploit is any time you can get away with it and it's profitable (usually not profitable early when the blinds are small).

    The bubble is a good time to look for these opportunities but you should be looking for them well before and after the bubble as well.

  3. I agree with snake. Seems like these days everyone is playing so aggressive that you have to make a stand for yourself earlier than when the bubble starts.

  4. Stay at or above chip avg. If you see you're tailing off, you're not making enough moves during the tourney and need to pick it up.

  5. Barry kinda got trashed here but there may have been other circumstances like where the blinds were compared to chip stacks and what the structure was in tourneys he was playing. Could be he's playing with a bunch of dopes too that are putting him in that spot. Some good advice there but remember there's much more to it that.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I probably have been a little tentative lately. And Snake, I hope your head gets better....

  7. Thanks everyone. I started playing tougher earlier (chip avg point was good) and it paid off. Took a 3rd and 5th over the weekend. Much appreciated.