Calling with an under pair

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This is a hand which came up in a $1/2 nlhe game at Maryland Live!

I had previously played a hand with the same V which after showing some aggression I folded to a pot sized $75 bet on the turn. (v did not know that I folded top pair third kicker in that hand)

In this hand I have about $350, V has me covered.

I am on the button with 66. After a few limpers I raise to $15. Two callers including V.

Pot= $45
Flop= 722.

Check to me I bet $40. First caller folds V calls.

Turn=722 7

V bets $50.

Unless he had quads here it is hard to put V on a hand with either a 7 or a 2 that he would call a $15 pre flop raise from middle position so I think I am still good. After tanking for a minute I call.

River=722 7 10

V bets $75. Do I call raise or fold?


  1. I would raise and go all in. He probably put you on rags considering you have shown aggression in previous hands. He is not likely to have Ace 10 here, A raise all in would seem to get him to fold here

  2. I fold the river here, depending on the skill level of the player. Often V will bet the turn here to try to win the pot, and then give up on the river when called on the turn. But when he bets again on the river, that makes the river call not profitable overall IMO. What ended up happening?

  3. To me depends on how he has played and A-x before and shown... My gut reaction is he has a higher pp than your 66.

  4. @JonFriedberg Agree fully
    Amd what happened??

  5. This was a really tough spot. I did not think he had a 7 or 2. It's also hard to put him on a 10-x hand because I don't think he would call the flop then bluff the turn with just two over cards.

    After tanking for a while I figured he was value betting with 88 99 or A-x or this was a bluff. I decided to call and he mucked his cards.

    Two factors swayed me in making the call. The 4-1 pot odds and the fact that V bet exactly $75 the last time we were in a hand and got me to fold made me think he wanted another fold.

  6. My gut said to call but I am biased now as I've read the results. Seems like a standard low limit spot where opponent tries bluffing turn and then just closes his eyes and bets on river hoping to win. I don't think this is 88+ or Tx bc I think he'd check call those hands fearing you had a 2 or 7. So that makes his value betting hands pretty much only hands with a 2 or 7. Keep in mind that if this same hand happened in a 5/10 game I'd fold as those players are quite capable of value betting 88+ and Tx that was bluffing but rivered top pair. Also, raising is never an option here for you. It doesn't accomplish anything. Call or fold.