Can you find a fold here, Part Deux


This is another hand that came up in a $1/2 nlhe game a Maryland Live. I don't recall if this came before or after the other hand I just posted and a different V so you shouldn't infer anything from my previous post.
3 J 6 8
I am in the big blind with about $400. I have 3 3 .

V has me covered. The table is pretty passive pre-flop, occasionally someone will raise but almost never a three bet pre-flop but V has been more agressive than most, but not what I would call super aggro.

V raises to $12, one caller to me, I call.
Pot= $32
Flop- K 3 J

I check, its checks around.

Pot= $32
Turn- K 3 J 6

I bet $15, V raises to $35, other player folds, I call.

Pot+ $102
River- K 3 J 6 8

I check, V bets $70. Do I fold, call or raise?


  1. I'm never raising as I don't think worse hands will call with the flush getting there. It's a call or fold. I don't like folding sets for 70% pot so I would call. With that said I would have bet the flop. By checking you being in a high likelihood of him turning 666 the way it was played. He also will show up with a flush from time to time. But there are a few two pair hands that he may be doing this with. I'd estimate I win this one half the time when you factor in his worse hand range plus bluffing range so I call with the price of 2.5:1 that getting.

  2. I would suggest re-raising on the turn here. With the K and J and two clubs on the board, there are a number of scary cards that could come on the river that could either 1) hurt your chances of getting any value on the set as the best hand, and 2) lose to a better hand.

    As for your question, I would definitely call here but wouldn't raise.

    I also agree with Benton that I would probably bet that flop rather than checking.

  3. I was actually the V in this hand. I had AcQc so I turned a pretty big draw. I thought my bet of $70 on the end was enough that any reasonable hand would have to call. I was shocked and disappointed when my opponent folded and showed his set of threes.

    I am not sure how he made that fold. If it were me in that position I am calling every time.

  4. I'm down with donk-betting the flop, but we're doing it to try and bloat the pot with an extremely strong hand, we're not leading flop because "oh no, what if he has 66 and turns a 6", so disregard some of Blakeman and Friedberg's reasoning. In general, Villain is going to be very polarized checking back flop then making a small turn raise. We may very well be looking at set over set here, or a hand like AQcc/A10cc. Feels like we're only beating a bluff on the river. Raising is out of the question