Check for value?

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This hand came up in a $1/3 nlhe game at the horseshoe in Baltimore.

I am in the BB with jh 9c. I have about $400. V has about $350.

Pre Flop- four players limp to me. I check the option.

Pot= $15
Flop- 9d 9c 8d

I check. V bets $15. Folds to me and I check raise to $35. Folds back to V who calls. At this point I am putting him on a flush draw, possibly a pocket pair or 9x.

Turn- 9d 9c 8d 6d

Obviously a bad card for me. If my read is correct he just got there. However, even if he has the flush my hand still has some value. If I check here it could invite a bluff. If I bet here (and he has a small flush) I Can exercise some pot control. I decide to bet $50. V raises to $100.

At this point V might as well have turned his hand face up. I am absolutely certain he has a big flush. I decide I am getting the right odds for a call and I do. I feel like it's pretty obvious to him where I am in the hand.

Pot= $280
River- 9d 9c 8d 6d. 8h

Good card for me in that I filled up. How do I maximize value?

After the turn I was pretty certain he made a big flush. I was also pretty certain he put me on 9x. The river filled up any hand with a 9 so if I bet here I figure he folds. If I check here, maybe he tries to bluff me. I check V checks behind. I show my hand and he mucks.

Did I miss a bet?


  1. I pretty much agree with your assessment of the hand through the turn. As far as the river-No one is going to 'turn a flush into a bluff' if you check river. I think you have to lead river relatively small bc your hand is somewhat face-up. Also, check-raise larger on the flop or just check-call.

  2. Never miss an opportunity to bet with the nuts.

  3. @KingKelley It's a strong hand, but not the nuts. Not even 3rd nut actually.

  4. thamster must believe in unicorns....

  5. @Goodshoe There are 2 straightflushes possible.

  6. @KingKelley I believe, and most players also, that 'the nuts' refers to the best possible hand given the board.

  7. The check-raise on the flop was too small. Villain had to call only $20 for a pot then at $65.

    Checking the turn and then calling was probably a better way to control the size of the pot on the turn. With villain likely holding a flush, any lead out bet from you was likely to be raised making it more expensive for you to draw. I agree with your decision to call the raise.

    By the river, with the board double paired, you're unlikely to get called. But by betting small here for value, it might set up a situation later in the session where you can bet small on the river as a bluff and the opponent, recalling this hand, might think you are betting for value again.