Did I Slowroll?

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So I got some serious flack for this but I don't think I deserved it. But I want to hear if you think I slowrolled this hand.

Blinds are 5/10 with a straddle and we're six-handed. I'm in the big blind. Hijack raises to $28. Small blind calls and it goes back to me. I have A 9 . I decide to get cute knowing the guys I'm against and raise the pot to $126 total. The straddle (UTG) out of the blue calls, hijack calls and the small blind decides to call too. So this pot is already up to $510.

Board comes 9 10 9 . I'm happy. SB checks, I bet $170 and UTG raises to $360. Other two guys fold so it's on me. I start talking him up/tanking it for a little while trying to figure out what hand he's got because I'm worried about the possibility of 10's full. I ended up putting him on either KK or AA and after a total of about 45 seconds from when the SB folded I go all in, he calls with K K and we end up with about 2k in the pot.

But when I flipped my hand up the table (not the guy I was in against) starts banging on me that I slowrolled the guy. It really got nasty too and the floor had to come over. I legitimately thought tens were a possibility and wanted to take my time to think it out before I pushed my stack.

So was the table right about me slowrolling or was I right to take a minute to think about it?

(FYI, K on turn - I lose.)


  1. Rob
    • Rob

    Slow roll? Not at all. I mean technically, a slow roll is at showdown when you take your sweet time to expose your hand. So it's not the right choice of words.

    Did you spend too much time in the tank before deciding to shove? Not really. You had legitimate concerns, its certainly a good idea to take your time. Also, you might have been thinking about just calling there or betting smaller. No issue as far as I'm concerned.

    Sorry about the lose, that's rough. I also find it interesting that the V didn't come over the top preflop with KK. I think that's a mistake on his part but he got lucky.

  2. You're entitled to take a little time there I think. But not much. If that were a nine or ten handled table, that's an insta-call. Being six-handed could have opened up that other guy's hand range to 10's. So I think I'll let you slide, but barely.

    An FYI though - you are a super-nit. My money is in there before he finishes saying all in.

  3. Worried about 1 hand in a cash game? Really? Yeah, you are technically justified in taking some time but it sounds like you really Hollywood-ed it too which is what probably irritated the table. My recommendation is shut the hell up and just play.

  4. Foo is being a little harsh but they do have a point. Doing the chat may have riled the table up. Honestly, it's pretty much an insta-call but if was really :45, that's not that bad. 10's is a reasonable hand to be playing like that six-handed and could be in his range.

  5. You didn't have the nuts so you were within your rights to not just make a rash decision and take some time to think about it. I can see why they'd be aggravated but that's poker.

  6. Don't take this the wrong way but I get that nit sense from you. And someone who's nitty would take a little time to consider this call. I don't think it was 100% unreasonable but I would advise that if someone hit the one hand that could beat you, they hit it and that's poker. Sounds like everyone did something wrong at the table in this one.

  7. Oh my God - those guys need to lighten up. You tried to pull some info and then made a call in under a minute? Nothing wrong with that. Who were the idiots that said you slowrolled? They'd have shut up in a hurry if that guys flips over 10 10 !

  8. I'm not sure I get the slowroll thing in the first place. You didn't have the nuts and there was still action to go with a ton of possibilities. I realize at the time there was only one hand to beat yours but it fell within a reasonable range of hands the other guy could have had. I say you're ok.

  9. Rob
    • Rob

    Again, this is really not an issue, I think the criticism you got was crazy. But here's one for you. In a tournament once, I was short stacked. The big stack at the table raised, I shoved with Ace-Queen. There's no further action behind the original raiser. He asks the dealer for a count of my chips. After getting the amount, the guy calls and tables pocket Aces.

    Huh? What amount of chips could I have had there that would have made him even consider folding? That was a bit annoying.

  10. @Rob THAT'S a slowroll! In this case though, I think you must have run into some boys who need a date very badly. It's interesting because you get into table dynamics on this. You must have either ticked these guys during the night or they just didn't like you. Fortunately, I don't have that problem. ;)

  11. Lucky it wasn't me - I'd have told them all to shut up and **** off! Which is about what should have happened.

    Sucks you lost all that money but man did you get double donkey screwed on that one all around!

  12. You did. C'mon - with what you had, you know you had the 2nd nut. If you're in a cash game and scared of the first nut, you've got a problem. No way that wasn't a snap call. And you definitely shouldn't have gone on the chatty fishing expedition. That just aggravated everyone.

  13. Screw them. If you wanted to think about it, there's nothing wrong with that. If they can't handle, it's their problem not yours.

  14. You were fine. It's not like you waited to show a royal flush at the end of a hand or something. That's a pretty crazy table you were playing at for sure.

  15. Of course you slow rolled him. Assholes like you always say shit like that. "Oh I was scared of tens full",give it a rest. Has anyone ever seen anyone lay down that hand ever? Didnt think so. What you are doing is hollywooding to live in the moment of your donkey play getting a lucky flop. If it was me I would've kicked you right in the balls.

  16. Definitely a slow roll of sorts, but my personal view is that a true slow roll is one that is intentional. When I bet and get called on the river by a senior citizen who then looks at his cards, then at the board, then my cards, then back at his cards, before finally turning over his winning hand, I don't consider that a real slow roll. A real slow roll, IMO, is one where someone knows they have the winner, but intentionally wait because they think it's funny...or they're trying to be a jerk.

    This would probably annoy me if I was your opponent because you're really never folding there....so it's really not worth any time consideration about whether or not to call. Fearing you're up against TT there is being wayyyy too conservative. TT is just one of 5 most likely hands that he could have, the other 4 of which he is drawing to 2 outs.

  17. Slowroll? The point isn't that you're concerned about 1010, but that you need to rep that you have a genuine decision, as opposed to having A9 and the mere nuts. Obviously you're never folding here, Although it sounds like you're just regurgitating the exact hand where Hellmuth got it in vs the loose cannon week 1 of the pokerstars big game. With the bad beat and everything, uncanny coincidence!! No player who's capable of 3betting A9off in this spot is considering folding when there's 400+ in the pot pre. Nice try though

  18. After your bet, your opponent raised, you re-raised all in and your opponent called. I'm not sure where anyone thinks you slow rolled. After your opponent raised your bet, you don't want to instantly re-raise all in because the quick timing might tell your opponent you have either trip 9s or a full house. By leading out with a bet on the flop and then waiting for 45 seconds, you are acting like you have pocket jacks or queens (and have to think about what to do) which is what you want your opponent to think so that your all-in bet gets called.

    If your opponent went all in and then you took awhile to call the all in bet, then I can see how your action might get misconstrued as a form of a slow roll.

  19. In my book, no way. As much as you knew you were probably way ahead, you could have had the third best hand. It's completely within your rights to think it through.

    I had a guy once, who had position on me, call my river bet. I immediately turned over my second nut straight. He made change from his call (it was a home game) THEN tabled his nut straight. That's a slow roll!

  20. Not the definition of a slow roll at all. What moron 5/10 table are you playing at? Most people playing that level understand the meaning of slow rolling. It only happens after all the money is in and you delay showing a hand that you can see from your opponents exposed cards you have beat. Very clear meaning. Not what happened at all.

  21. FIRST OFF!!!! THIS WASN'T YOUR HAND!!!!!!! STRIP MAN DID NOT PLAY THIS HAND!!!! This was the famous hand between Phil Hellmuth and Ernest Wiggins. LOL at you trolling on this forum for advice on a hand that wasn't yours. It's quite amazing how dellusinaol some poker "players" are. You are probably some depressed loser who can't beat the 1/2 Level and fantasize that you are playing the 5/10nl and imagine youtube hands as if they were your own!!! It's cute how you even got the exact hands to the detail, including suits and all!! Hell, you even got Tony G's comment on if it was a slowroll. You are a moron Stripman. Did you expect honest advice? You shold have read the youtube comments. For anyone doubting what I am saying; just look on youtube "hellmuth wiggins" or "hellmuth amateur funny"

  22. Johnny_goobs, he not only had the hands exactly the same but the bets too, lol. Wow, what a fabricated lie!!!!