doing the wrong thing and knowing it

Strategy & Advice by Amuletman Posted

Here is an interesting hand: I'm on the button with QJ suited. I come in with my usual 3 times the BB. the button pushes all in. We have a history, so I know he's got QQ+

I Look down and realize if I fold I'd have 8 BB left. I miscalculated when I raised but would have gone all in anyhow so I tanked for a bit and decided this is the hand I have to "gamble" with and push all my chips into the center

My opponent turns over AA -- and for one if the few times in my poker life I get QQ -- I ended up finishing 5th


  1. I think you answered your question. If you shove he calls and if you limp he raises. Either way all your chips were going in the middle!