flopped top two against one opponent, middle of MTT

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Hi all,

Was doing a small two tables 14 players MTT yesterday and this hand occured, I'm sure I messed it on at least one street and wanted some feedback.

tournament structure:
starting stack 35k, 20 min levels starting at 50/100

5 handed, blinds 400-800, average stack 40-45k .

Hero is TAG but has shown also bad bluffs: 65k
Villain has been moving from the other table, seems quite nitty even if young, does not seem too MTT experienced: 35k

hero opens with AKof from MP at 2k, flat by willain, both blind fold.

flop : AKQ rainbow

Hero leads to 2.5k, villain min raises to 5k. At this point my thought process is he can min raise this flop with just an ace+draw (AJ, AT), AQ, AK and TJ. He really not looks like going to min raise air "for info" there.

after having checked villain's stack size, hero flats. My plan there is to check-call the turn and leads the river

turn : 3 completing rainbow

hero check-call 7k.

River: 4 .

On this river my initial plan is to bet small to get called by worse and fold to a shove.

Hero donks 7k, villian shoves 22k total.

Hero tanks and should? keep with initial plan (=fold) or call ?

I question him and he seems relaxed.

thanks for your feedback


  1. I think your mistake came during the first street of betting after the flop. You bet 2.5k a bit more than 3 BB. And he raised you. You have almost twice his stack and you just called him. If it was me, I would have re-raised to 10k and seen what he had. At that point whether he calls or shoves, you know right then he pretty much has to have you beat and you can bail. Calling with a monster top two pairs like that and then checking on the turn (unless maybe a check in the dark, but I don't like that play either) just told the villain that his intimidation play worked. You checked cause you were worried. at that point the hand should have already been over or you should have folded right there.

    I get you may have been fishing for a boat, but that was an expensive fishing trip.

  2. @Jimmy Chips Thanks for your answer, the reason why I didn't reraise on the flop is:

    -I want to keep his bluffing /overestimated range (pair+draw, top pair)

    -I don't want to have to fold if he shoves there with AQ or AK .

    By reraising here I basically turn my hand face up isn't it? And I'd allow him to play perfectly hands that crush me as QQ/TJ ?

    It is true however that by underrepresenting my hand on the flop i found myself in a though spot on the river anyway