Fold the Kings?

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This hand has been driving me batty for weeks so let's see what you guys think.

In a tourney, blinds 200/400. I'm in the BB. Healthy stack.

Guy under the gun raises to 1200. He's been pretty quiet for over an hour I've been playing with him - maybe played 3 hands tops.

Hijack calls.

I look down at K K so I re-raise to 2600.

UTG 4-bets to 5k. Hijack folds.

I make the decision to find out if he has AA and pop it again to 12k (still have 23k back). He then goes all-in.

So here I am in a 6-bet situation for the rest of my stack against a complete nit. I still had plenty of chips back. I'll save what I did until I hear what everyone says but do you call or fold?


  1. I never fold here.... he could just as easily have QQ, AK, JJ, and even KK. I don't even think Phil Ivey is good enough to folk KK preflop, so I think this is a noooobrainer.

  2. I dunno, GC. A six-bet with AK or JJ with that many chips on the line and fairly early in the tourney? Someone's 5-bets me like that out of position I'm guessing they have KK or AA. So for the villain to not hesitate to push after the 5-bet he's probably in the same boat or just an idiot.

  3. Don't care what your read is. At that point, you're going for it.

  4. God, I hate the five-bet there. Man, either push it or smooth call and see a flop.

  5. Think I see where this is going. Gotta trust your read, I guess.

  6. Gotta call. Even if you're screwed at the point, you still have KK. Just let it ride and see what happens.

  7. Shove and pray!

  8. Call. You probably have him. He probably has a pair or AK.

  9. Given the info, I'd be tempted to fold. Not sure if it's the right thing to do but it sure looks like AA to me.

  10. I doubt I've have made it to the 6-bet. Hard to imagine folding kings pre-flop.

  11. Alright, I'll finish the story. So I start chatting the guy up and he gave off a couple tells when I mentioned aces. So I let it go and show the kings. The table freaks. 3 guys at the table I'd been with the whole tourney said they agreed he had aces. The guy slumped in his chair and said he couldn't believe I folded and threw his cards in the muck hard. He did later admit he had the AA on the next break.

    It was good to know I was right but I do still wonder if I should have just said screw it and gone for it. One thing that may have been a consequence was I had a very hard time getting action at the table except for one guy that came to the table after the hand. I had QQ cracked a couple hours later and was out. So a good read but same result later.

  12. I don't like not going for it. There's one hand that beats you. Yeah, you made the right read but was it in the long haul the right thing to do? Don't think so.

  13. I'll say nice read and it took some guts to lay that down. But you are a super-nit, sir.

  14. I think the "screw it" reaction would have been best. :)

  15. Ah you were just showing off, bro!

  16. You need to 3bet to a larger amount than 2600 with both value and bluffs in this spot. If we think he's only 6betting with AA than we shouldn't be 5betting KK in the first place. You'd be better off 5 betting K2 here. With that small 4bet he probably does have AA, like a broken record-"thank god I don't put myself in these spots"

  17. @pokerking Did he show you aces???? I only believe what I see not what I hear....

  18. call

  19. It comes down to this. When you 3bet, you're seeing if he's serious. When he min2X 4bets you, you know he's got aces. Easy fold. Calling is bad too, because you're most likely going to be tempted to go all in, or what if an ace comes out? You'll only hit a set 1/7.5 times so that's not a likely outcome. Folding will save you more money in the future.

  20. It would be a tourney sin to 5 bet fold KK here.

  21. You made the right play. You had a read on a tight didnt get knocked out. You gained table presence which you should have used to your advantage...your only mistake was not becomming hyper aggressive after you showed the fold. It was never ok to call if yku had him on a bigger hand...i honestly dont understand why you would even think twice about it. It could have been flush vs straight...both made on the made a were were still in the tourney with chips
    ..... Nothing to even think about here.

  22. Im pretty sure the odds of flopping a set are 1/77 not 1/7.5

    The average player actually only hits a flop 17% of the time.

  23. @Kooges Flopping a set is approximately 1/8 times that you hold a pocket pair preflop. I'm assuming that's what is being referenced.

  24. @Kooges Please come sit at my tables, play at all of the games I'm at if you really think flopping a set is 1/77 times.. LMFAO. pokerking, please don't listen to this guy.

  25. You have to assume he has a big hand if he has only played 3 hands or so. I'd have called the 4 bet. Since you 5 bet and he pushed, you were pot committed.

  26. true donkey post. He repops it twice in this situation and you think he has anything but AA you should not play tournament poker.

  27. Obviously when he raises to 5k you had to think there was a good chance he had As. I would have called the 5k to at least see a flop. You can afford to lose that and probably a C bet of 7500-10k to see a turn. You have to be willing to take big chances. Even if you miss the flop if a 10, or J hit you could always shove representing 2 pair or a set so seeing a flop is optimum in my opinon. However, under no circumstances(unless its bubble time MAYBE) do you ever fold Ks preflop.

  28. I feel like I need to respond to ppl saying he made the right decision here. Just because he had an over pair doesnt guarentee a loss. There are straight/flush possibilities as well as hitting a set.

  29. never get married to a hand because its pretty. same goes for spouses.

    good luck!