How to deal with maniacs

Strategy & Advice by mattbisfun1 Posted

I'd like to hear from others on how they deal with maniacs on here table bet or raise every hand regardless of hand strength. My current play against this is tighten way up and let them bluff it off if I have virtually nuts raise them on turn maybe river. Does anyone have anything they do against this player type?


  1. Tightening up too much and only raising with premium hands will just make them fold when you push back and continue doing what they were doing the rest of the time. I like to mix things up. I widen my range, play more suited connectors and not scared to 3-bet them. Maniacs that know the game will assume the table while tighten up against them and range a 3-bet AA-AJ. A low board almost guarantees they will bet into you. After you call the flop, they certainly will bet the turn again unless it's AKQ. Use that, play something they don't expect.

  2. Also, pay attention to their bet sizes. For most maniacs they are going to vary bet sizes trying to isolate the pot to one or two callers. A larger bet is probably a weaker hand. A call-me bet generally is a better looking hand.

  3. I like to play their favorite hand against them. Especially if they brag about a hand being their favorite. It doesn't always work but stings when it does.