I'm a fish

Strategy & Advice by EliRez about Encore Boston Harbor Posted

How to I get better?


  1. Understanding and analyzing why you lose hands. understanding position play and bet sizing. And just play play play, I got better because I played so much, but understood why I lost and stopped playing those hands in that situation.

  2. Play less hands.

  3. You have to put in as much time studying the game as you do playing it. Read books, study videos, and learn the math/statistics of the game.

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  5. @ Wrong. The answer is to put in much more time studying the game.

    In the NFL, teams normally put in four to five days of preparation for one game. The work they put in is much more difficult than the game.

    After the game, take some hands home to anaylize. See what you did correct and what you do not do corrrct.

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  7. First off stay away from those free internet poker sites. You're dealing with a bunch of 14 year olds that stole their mommies debit card. They have bought Millions of chips, and have no clue and if there's two or three of them at the table one of them will always get there with crap that they should never played when you raised. Texas Hold'em for idiots five bucks and Texas Hold'em tells five bucks will help a lot. There's a lot of books out there but they're all full of this strategy and that it will just make your head hurt. Same with those odds charts what a mess. Learn your preflop and blah odds and round them off to simple basic numbers. There are some pretty good online tutorials but read those basic books first to get a better understanding about what they're talking about . Also don't do like that Geniuses do and set their on your computer and reading a book or on your smartphone. Observe the other players. Watch the players watch how and what they play and when.. Learn to read the table not only the players. If it's a really aggressive tide table I prefer to play raising hands only. You can catch them and make money. But if the table is loose and that one guy seems to always make a raise and I just considered that race a blind call or Bluff just watch your spot the just wait for a gotcha and give them plenty of rope and then snap LOL damn that feels good. What a Rush Play spread and all in open tables. Don't play limit you can go broke waiting for a hand and you got the same goobers from online either playing the top four hands and nothing else or god-knows-what and they get there every time. I've blown two hundred bucks at a 2/4 table and never got past the flop. And when you're not playing in waiting for table watch the high roolers 80% of them are ideits. They're just a bunch of bored batcat businessman wanting to play in the big game. They're easy to spot $3,000 watches in $500 tennis shoes. Trying to be gangster lol. Me I dress down and try to look like I'm out of my habitat. And then slam bam thank you ma'am. Oh yeah once you're welcome see ya. Even a big fish got to eat. I'm 69 years old and my focus is crap. But I cash in 20% of the tournaments I play in. And the spread games pay for my tournament by ends. As soon as I've made enough in a cash game 2 pay for the next tournament plus one rebuy I cash in. You make a good hit or two you're tempted to stay but don't put a limit on the amount you buying. The time you play and even the amount you win. If you doubled your money cash out for that day. It's tough to stick by these rules but I'm taking home 80000 plus a year text free. Do this and eventually you will be comfortable and maybe you can be the next millionaire. I'm happy I got my poker and I got my grandkids. And the occasional rail ho LOL. Life is good. Budget budget budget. Good luck.

  8. I know my reply was drawn out. But if you lack the long-term memory and you're a better backgammon player than a chess player you'll find my strategy works damn good. It's nice when people cringe when you walk towards the table😜

  9. Buy in for the max