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Hi everyone,
My name is Benton Blakeman and I am a professional poker player and strategy writer. For those who are unfamiliar, I have been the resident pro at for over two years. AVP is owned by the same parent company as PokerAtlas. During those two years I have written many strategy articles for AVP. Moving forward, my strategy articles will now be moved to PokerAtlas and will be posted here in TableTalk under the Strategy section. Feel free to ask me anything about life as a pro as well as asking me anything about my articles. For anyone interested in my background or career as a pro, please visit my first ever blog post on AVP from several years ago here:

Benton Blakeman


  1. Great to have you on here and looking forward to your input, Benton! Fire away! A A

  2. Welcome Benton!

  3. Rob
    • Rob

    I always look forward to your strategy articles, Benton. They always informative.

    I'm sure if I read enough of them I'll eventually learn how to play (the dreaded) pocket Kings. :)

  4. Today I posted my first strategy article in Table Talk about Learning Omaha 8 or Better. Please give it a read and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in that table talk thread.