playing a satellite turbo

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In a month I will be playing in a $30 turbo NLH with a 7500 beginning stack. The satellite is about 2 hours and 12(10 min) levels, probably 30 people of so in the tournament. What would the best strategy for playing in this. One out of every 6 or 7 will be entered in the $180 event. Do I play more aggressive early to build the stack? Do I play tight? Thanks


  1. I'm sure you've already played this tournament, but what always works for me in turbo tourneys is to play loose-aggressive (LAG) so that I could build a monster stack early. These smaller buy-in satellite tourneys are great because they're cheap so if you lose, you're only gambling with $30. Just my $0.02, good luck!

  2. these types of tournaments favor luck over skill. ask your self, if you played 6 of these, what chance do you have of making it to the 180? out of 30 people you will have to be in the top 5 or so to make it.

    but lets say it was the last $30 you will ever have.

    most people are going to be going crazy, especially the first round or two. so, I would play super tight-aggressive for the first round or two, the reason, you are going to be called by everyone with any hand, so you need a very strong hand to stand up, lots of people will probably call even an all in. (if the table turns out to NOT be that way, then do the opposite and play loose/aggressive - greatly depends on the players and how they are playing at your table)

    after the first round or two, once the most crazy people are out or its called down a little bit, then switch up to more loose / aggressive. you don't have much time in this tourny, so luck is going to have to be on your side. If you can get a big stack, I would sit back and switch to tight/aggressive again to protect your stack, unless people are folding to you, then continue to be table captain and take their chips.

    you have to stay aware of how people are responding to you, if you can take pots cheaply do it, but if they start fighting back, you will have to tighten up to protect your stack.

    good luck!